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Confronting Antonio

Before I tell you about our three big events, let me shortly say about what happened few days after Antonio’s conversation with me in the Hotel. My Fran and Lidija saw my swollen eyes from crying and they helped me to fix my makeup. They asked me numerous times what happened but I didn’t want to tell them. They both said to my Prince and Ivy that I came tearful in the office after conversation with Antonio. My luvs also wanted me to tell them what has happened. I didn’t tell them because I was a


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So ... Girls In Jars, huh?

Having got the cross working more or less as I want, it's time to get back to the original idea.           The previous girl in a jar shot was something of a cheat. I scaled down a clone of Olfina Grey-Mane, scaled down a cross, and linked the two. Then I copied the "jar" part from a bug jar, pasted it into a nif with no collision, and positioned that over the pair of them.   That worked well enough for screenshot purposes, but there was a lot you co


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Aithne's story part 12 - The New Normal

Aithne lowered herself to hands and knees and looked up at her master. He nodded, opened the door, and entered. She crawled after him, the bell clanging with each shuffle of her knees. The gems pinned to her nipples and the tip of her cunt buzzed softly and she couldn’t stop a moan as a low shudder passed through her body. Of all the accoutrements the stranger in Solitude had sold to her master, they were her least favorite.   Not that it mattered – she wore them for her master, not fo


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Ivy Goes to Nuka World

When Ivy requests players to accompany her on what seems like a simple fetch quest inside Nuka World, they quickly learn this might be one of the most important and pivotal moments in Ivy's life. "Ivy goes to Nuka World" will be the final affinity quest for Ivy, wrapping up her personal story. Will you be able to help her set things right? Or will you fail and face the consequences? Ivy 6.0 will be released when it's ready. When the light at the end of the development tunnel is bright eno


Reginald_001 in Ivy Goes to Nuka World

More rotating text

Here's the activation sequence. That's a bit grand for what it is, but you get to see the words light up when she gets on teh cross. (also she gets stuck on the collision for a second or two, but that happens with normal crosses as well.   2021-02-24 18-18-32.mp4   Here's the big ground text, plus the ankle words   2021-02-24 18-19-14.mp4   Here's the hands. I'm starting to feel quite fond of the Orc Princess in this shot. Not that it's going to


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The little boy, the cat and the magus (part 2/3)

On the way to the academy Lucia the mage encountered a strange kid named Aventus who stole her staff during her sleep ... (see previous entry)   And honestly isn't it like a wonderful day ? One chapter from Alter Native, one chapter from SpyVsPie and one chapter from me !   Can you really complain about life after that ?       Part 2 - The cat                    


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DCI-Session Three

Getting close to the end of this adventure now! As always thoughts, comments, suggestions, etc. are always welcome.   Let me know if Imgbox gets bad again or if notifications are being wonky (apparently some people didn't get one last time even though I didn't make that entry ahead of time )   Alternate cover and alternate gallery link in case Imgbox decides to be useless again:   And now on with the show!        


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Emma Follower - Standalone Follower - LE / SE

With an ancient bloodline related to The Companions, this young half-elf and half-nord named Emma hides a secret. Will you, the last Dragonborn, discover it?   Emma has a few dialogue lines to bring immersion between her and The Companions questline.   Follower: Emma. Level: 10 and will level up with the player. Marriageable: Yes. She wears the following armor: Penitus Oculatus armor. 1x Steel Sword.   Inside Jorrvaskr, Wh


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Chapter 9 Section 12 - Vengeance

Short Summary of the previous entries   All previous entries of chapter 9 can be found bellow Section 1 Section 2 Section 3 Section 4 Section 5 Section 6 Section 7 Section 8 Section 9 Section 10 Section 11 My blog overview page provides summaries of previous chapters, backgrounds and characters summaries.     Chapter 9 Section 12 - Vengeance                    

Alter Native

Alter Native in Blood and Pleasure

The Story Of Korneum And The Seven Beautiful Daughters

There came a time when the great mage Korneum, sometimes known as "The Objectionable", found himself growing restless. All the great magical mysteries were solved, it seemed; all his rivals dead or disgraced; all his slaves trained to exquisite perfection. In short, he was bored.   Seeking respite from this ennui, Korneum announced that he would hold a reception at which he would hear petitions, in the hope of finding that sort of sort of problem that only a great mage might solve. Man


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I'm a fool

I wanted to bring more content to Fo4's fetishism, so I did some. This can be understood as the Fo4 version of kziitdxxxtoolset They are based on the latest FG. God knows how much work I have done to keep some ropes around my body straight under various preset conditions.   --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I can only do simple 3D processing and animation processing, I don't h


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Aithne's story part 11 - A Lesson in Marketing

“I don’t understand.” Her master looked around the room with a disgusted expression. “This is Solitude. The capital of this stupid little province. Look at all the people here!” He swept an arm, taking in the large and very busy inn. “I was sure we’d make a killing. This is your fault. Look more enticing.”   Aithne nodded, though she had been doing her best for the better part of three hours, and stretched her naked body, then started to dance as gracefully as she could.   “I


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Rotating Text!

Well, I worked out how to make a rotating static.   2021-02-23 00-30-13.mp4   Now I just need to get the text to glow again, and paste it into the cross nif. And get it to lie flat on the ground. That would be good too.   Still, all in all I feel absurdly pleased with myself.   I might write up how I did it later. Right now, it's half-past-bedtime and I need to catch some zs


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I want my Prince back!

This month is remarkable by three big events for us: Valentine, our 5th anniversary and Precious’s first birthday. We were extremely busy. I will tell you about it later, in my next diary after Precious’ birthday. In this diary I will tell you about how I almost screwed up everything. I hurt my Ivy badly and saddened my Prince. I want to tell you about it so you won’t do same mistake. Two days before Valentine something got into me and I was jealous at my luvs. I wasn’t completely myself


EvalovesEP in Diaries

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