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Cortana Story - Slight Delay

Just want to give you guys a heads-up. The next entry for the Cortana Story is going to be delayed a bit. I've had a lot less time than I expected to work on the story recently for multiple reasons. My biggest reason is because the way I've set up the story might have been a bit over-ambitious in it's scope.   Perhaps I simply need to do better with time-compression? Maybe the ratio of play-time to writing-time is becoming too large for a weekly entry? I'm not sure. There's also anothe


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(Full Episode) Playing with Devil 2

And here is episode 2, continuing right where episode 1 ended. Disclaimer, this is where things take a turn and scenes become more forced. And less... consensual. This site being what it is, I doubt anyone will have a fit, but still, warning is in order. Most info was already written in previous entry, so let's get straight into it.       This episode experiments with themes like mindbreak, ahegao, and with some graphic effects for added flavour. Not amazing yet,


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Dying in shame (this morning)

My luvs were very horny this morning. They wanted to have quick sex before our morning family coffee. Since the children were about to come to our bed, they moved to the office, forgetting to lock the door. Losing the sense of time and being very horny, they fucked longer they planned. Since I was occupied with children, I forgot on them. Our family gathered in the meantime and our moms served coffee, tea and other beverages. Anyway, our air condition broke. My dad asked my Fran to open the offi


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Trendil's Story part 7 - Dragonbait

The big problem with choosing the military route for her vengeance was that it involved being in the military. There was no freedom of movement, no…   “Lint!”   …way to do things in an efficient…   “Lint! Pay attention!”   …way, and…   “LINT!”   Trendil blinked out of her thoughts to find Whip’s face an inch away from hers. He didn’t look happy.   “Wha…” was as far as she got.   “Dammit, Lint, have you gone deaf or s


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OLM: A small Song (lyrics only)

Zilphia sings for you a small Song, with her warm dark Voice.   Zilphia: "Hello there. Ahem, okay i will start." *smiles shy*     I know that i am different, but let me tell you my view I done nothing wrong and I learned lot's of new     I want just give you all a helping hand I got a good Heart, why can't you understand?     I just want to walk barefoot over the grass and dancing all the time Spread and share some lo


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The Hot Girls next Door

hannah-palmer-and-amanda-trivizas-take-this-private-secret-beach-in-cancún-to-themselves.mp4   hannah-palmer-jet-skiing-in-the-desert.mp4   shooting-fire-with-hannah-palmer-pink-bikini.mp4       sofia-bevarly-insane-golden-hour-photoshoot.mp4     red-bikini-shoot-with-hannah-palmer.mp4     with-hannah-palmer-in-hawaii-ll-4k-raw-video.mp4       top-model-hannah-palmer-black-swi


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Aithne's story part 20 - First Night

Her reverie was broken by sudden noise, and she looked up as alarm coursed the length of her nerves and she shouted silent curses at herself. She hadn’t been paying attention, hadn’t been watching her new Master, hadn’t…   Her self-berating stopped with as abrupt a transition as the panic had inspired.   Aithne had lived most of her life at sea and, when outdoors, could tell the time of day or night in an instant, even when clouds obscured the sky. But there were no windows i


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… stupid childless bitch!!!

Davor and Sandra arrived in Croatia on 25th. They flew to their home town first but they will visit us in Sunday. We are very excited about their coming. I said to my luvs how I hope that Sandra is still swinger and that I can’t wait to fuck her. My Ivy devilishly smiled saying that she will fuck both of us.     Monday wasn’t easy for my luvs. They had three very unpleasant events. First one was when our children came to our bed in the morning. They were told not to crawl on their


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[Mod] Velestra The Noble Snow Elf is now OUT!

Once a member of the Snow Elf race aka the Falmer, Velestra was given to Molag Bal by her father in exchange for his help with their war against the Atmorans but Molag Bal turned his back on them and twisted Velestra into his own creation of Darkness. Now free from Molag Bals grasp she wonders Skyrim trying to find purpose once more     https://www.mediafire.com/file/5ca1e9jhg9c5ib4/Velestra_%282%29%282%29.rar/file   You can only have one Velestra mod installe

Agent Tex

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[Mod] Velestra The Savage Snow Elf is now OUT! [Updated]

Once a member of the Snow Elf race aka the Falmer, Velestra was given to Molag Bal by her father in exchange for his help with their war against the Atmorans but Molag Bal turned his back on them and twisted Velestra into his own creation of Darkness. Now free from Molag Bals grasp she wonders Skyrim trying to find purpose once more Name: Velestra Race: Forsaken Snow Elf [Nord] Body: Sevenbase [Custom] Combat style: 1 Hand Mace and Magic Attacks Essential: Yes  Can you Marr

Agent Tex

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Baby Bee: A Night with her Sugar Daddy

Join in watching as Baby Bee's daddy Braxton comes over for an evening of delicious fun with his favorite sugar baby.    Bee made sure to put the hockey game that was airing that night on for him, though she knew Brax would be mostly putting his attention on here. And he didn't keep her waiting long either, halfway through his first beer he was already grabbing onto her.     Bee knew what her daddy really wanted though and slowly started lowe


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(Full Episode) Playing with Devil 1

This is first of (so far) two episodes featuring Lily messing with even more dangerous creatures than before. What is one troll compared to two demons? The only problem is, you might just get more than you bargained for...     These videos also spotlight two creatures from mod called Demonic Creatures, hosted here on Loverslab. Definitely spices up the game.. and what you can do with it.   Fair warning, this mod's monsters are using animations from vanilla creatur


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Sloan's Story part 9 - Whore

The contents of Sloan’s purse had dwindled considerably – enough so she could no longer afford the ride back to Riften - and she knew of only one way to make money. She went back to Candlehearth, but this time went up the stairs to the common room, where she relaxed and bided her time until evening fell and people began to enter. Once a fair-sized crowd had gathered, she meandered about the room, keeping an eye out for anyone who seemed to take an interest in her. An older man caught her eye, so


jfraser in Sloan's story

Party on the lakeside farm

I was playing around and decided to setup a party through Sexlab Eager NPCs at the Merryfair farm outside Riften to see if the guests/party goers would use the idle markers in the fields.  Turns out, they do.       Was also kinda funny to see them all seemingly take a snack break at the same time as well.     Something I usually do with SLEN is talk to one NPC, ask another to join us for a threesome through its dialog option, then ask that one to join me wi


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