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[starbound] Stalliarus' sexbound furniture addon 3.0.0

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About This File

This Mod aims to add way more compatible vanilla furniture items for the sexbound API. 
This mod requires the sexbound API. download it here~: https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/4337-starbound-sexbound-api/


Urgent!!: If your game crashes after you download, please provide me the most recent log from the game. It can help me locate the cause of the crash. If you don’t know how to locate the logs, look elsewhere for directions.


All Content:     ( Name Item ID Sexbound Item ID Lounge-able addon compatibility )


  • Cafeteria Table (prisontable) (sexboundloungeableaddon) (Deactivated temporarily)
  • Station Table (stationtable) (sexboundloungeableaddon) (Deactivated temporarily)
  • Station Bench (sexbound_stationbench)
  • Gothic Couch (sexbound_gothiccouch) 
  • Guillotine (sexbound_guillotine)
  • Torture Bed (sexbound_torturebed)
  • Glow Bed (glowbed) (sexbound_glowbed) (sexboundloungeableaddon)
  • Rainbow Bed (rainbowbed) (sexbound_rainbowbed) (sexboundloungeableaddon)
  • Prism Bed (sexbound_prismbed)
  • Rusty Bed (rustbed) (sexbound_rustbed) (sexboundloungeableaddon)
  • Stylish Bed (scorchedcitybed) (sexbound_scorchedcitybed) (sexboundloungeableaddon)
  • Tar Bed (tarbed) (sexbound_tarbed) (sexboundloungeableaddon)
  • Industrial Bed (industrialbed) (sexbound_industrialbed) (sexboundloungeableaddon)
  • Wave Bed (wavebed) (sexbound_wavebed) (sexboundloungeableaddon)


Feel free to give me any suggestions!~ It better not be anything FU related.

UPDATE!: I will be reorganizing this and fixing some values on the items, the mod will remain downloadable however.

What's New in Version 3.0.0


- 3.0.0 -

-this update is currently a stopgap

-made everything compatible with the new update (The new reverse cowgirl position hasn't been implemented into this yet)
-prison table and station table disabled for now due to being a bit broken. working on fixing them

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