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Fallout 4 forced Nuditity


Aaaah. If you're not using mod organizer save your NudeBasics.Ini file before updating !


Basically its kind of a swiss knife mod to try and keep the player nude (@Tuxagent), you can turn off and on or what you you like or dont like using the mcm.
It also had some integrations for devious devices, AAF Animation framework, AAF violate and Real handcuffs.



MCM setting and how they work



Information keys.

The first one shows how much players health is effected from rape and how much the skin is effected from radiation. The second shows most
interesting states about body changes.


power armor settings
When you enter power armor the maximum time to stay in it is restricted. If the player is wearing clothes the maximum time is reduced. Maximum time also is reduced for
every common piece of armor the player is wearing, nevertheless one hour usage is always possible. As an alternatively entering of power armor can totally be blocked when wearing armor.
Entering power armor also is not possible when the player is wearing a milker or when the total body change (morphings) of player exceeds an - indirect - configuratable limit.
Trading is not possible wearing power armor.
After the player has left the power armor, (mod is designed for female player) she must wait some time after usage is possible again.
Maximum cool down time is 12 game hours if the player reaches or exceeds the maxtime limit (exceeding limit is possible in combat).
If the player does not stay the full maximum time in the power armor, the cool down time is reduced corresponding. But to avoid spending the cool down time just sleeping
or waiting on a chair and make things to easy there is a 2.5 minutes hardcoded real waiting time, that must elapse too.
For every hour the player spends in the power armor and also after entering it, the player is radiated a little bit, to make radiation effects a little bit more interesting.


No vanilla armor
The player cannot wear armor from the vanilla game. Only can make sense if you have additionally 'player only' armor installed


Speed reduction
When activated speed is reduced by 20 percent when the player is running around nude. No effect in power armor.
Disabled by default because it's an constant ability.


MCM restriction - Be careful with this and keep a safe so you can go back.
Step 1: Most options in my own mcm will not show up and cannot be changed anymore
Step 2: No mcm will open when player is nude or restrained.
Freeze: All settings in my own mod are freezed and cannot be changed (until next update)


armor break system for player only
When the player is hit armor and clothing degrades and can break. Melee attacks, power attacks or fire will degrade armor faster than beeing hit with gun bullets.
Additionally when the player equip some tight armor or clothing this equipment is stressed and can break too.
Over time the equipped armor is getting more weak and there is a small chance ever day that the armor can break.

In mcm the chances are defined in permille (mille = 1000) instead of percent.
All clothing have a maximum health of 1000, while armors have a base health from 1000 up to 8000 (maximum health for devious devices is 8000 also !)
This is done because all internal calculations are done on an integer - Handling with percent would make it necessary to calculate internally with float variables,

while calculations done with integer are faster!
Armors does not break until the actual health falls below 2000.
The mod supports now breaking of equipped devious devices too. THIS FEATURE REQUIRES MY OTHER MOD DEVIOUS DEVICE ENCHANTINGS TO BE LOADED. (Because DD is only a soft requirement !)
Not every device can break. Usually excluded from breaking are items that opens with a chastitiy key, like piercings, plugs and blindfolds.
You can check in Pip boy, menu inventory, folder divers after opening the note 'MyBasicsInfo-attire'. The first 12 breakable armors or the firsts 12 devios devices equiped on the player are listed there.
Broken armor and clothing can be repaired. In Diamond city talk to the new trader RHYE in front of the jail. For a small fee she can help you with the last broken equipment.
That means you can recover unique armor and clothing if you want to.


Naked item buying or changing
When enabled,  naked traders dont sell you armors, weapons and some other things (no Radaway !) because they think you're a slave, nevertheless they will take your caps with a smile.
Settlers do not allow you to take items necessary for survival. If you try so, than they can rip your clothes and hand it over to RHYE to make some profit.


Restrict naked sittings outside
When the player is nude she do simply do not want to wait.


dead bodies
There is an adjustable chance that every dead bodies is stripped from weapons, clothing and ammunition. Makes it a lot harder to find attire for dressing up.


drop weapon
When the player is hit in combat and the weapon is out the hurt often causes the player to drop the weapon. In the excitement it is then difficult to pick up the gun again.
When a milker is equipped and his work begins, the player is sometimes so frightened that he drops his gun also.
(Will add this feature for the plugs too, using my devious device enchantings mod)


Maximum sleep time per day
When sleeping longer than ... hours, the player will get headache from the gazen nightmares and wants to stand up.
- When maximum for the last 24 hours is reached, beds do no longer show up the activation hint.


Health damage from rape
This of coarse requires a functional AAF animation framework and some functional sex mods.
health damage from rape DOES NOT DAMAGE the players health direct, Instead, the player's maximum health is reduced by this defined percentage based on the "basic health". (similar working to "I need" does in skyrim)
When beeing raped from others than the human race, damage increases with a hardcoded factor (estimated rule of thumb) - Factors are: ghouls 1.4, dogs 1.8, supermutants 2.0, yaoguai 2.3, robots and synths 2.5, deathclaws 3.0 and others 1.8.
There is no good distinction between consensual sex and beein raped. For sex consensual the factor is 1.0 for each actor. So when you have a mod installed for consensual swith this feature off as long as playeris having consensual sex.
Initially, the player's soul is mainly damaged. There exist no potions and no doctor that can heal this damage. Only elapsing of gametime will help.
Ok, if the player's soul is at its lowest point and the rapes don't end, then this extra damage is burned into the soul. (in mod called damagepool).
Before the soul can recover, the player must of course first get a certain time interval to the events.
Recovering from everything should not last longer than one game week.


Radiation skin effect
Radiation has effect on the player's skin and makes it very sensitive. The higher the radiation skin level the more the player does not want to wear armor. Radiated skin has 6 levels in total
Effected armor slots are visible in the players "MyBasics notes".
For compatibility reasons with the old version unequipping the armor in the body slot (now at level 6) can be switched on or off. (With morphings enabled, the better choice is off)


Bomb collar
The bomb collar requires the player to follow several rules otherwise the bomb activates and tortures the player about 20 seconds before finally the head is decapitated.
The rules to follow depends on the current location the player is currently in and are listed in the MYBasics-bomb collar notes in inventory.
Available bomb collars are "the shock collar" from Real handcuffs,  the institute collar and the Vault Tec Disciplinary collar.
The institute collar has coloring support, when Devious device enchantings are installed.
How to get rid of the collar depends on the original mod where it is from. Additionally for the collars from Devious devices there is also the possibility to break while hit in combat.
Of course, some of the rules also apply to clothing. It can be set for the locations of wilderness and dungeons. Values greater than 0 means that the sum of the armor value
of all equipped items must not exceed this value. Therefore, zero means that only normal clothing is allowed.
The value -1 means the player must be completely naked

Other effects
bound hands effect restricts using some furniture available in the world and also picking up some things. When Real handcuffs is detected it is automatically disabled.

gagged effect
If the player is gagged she can not eat foods, drugs or chems. The foods and chems are no longer reachable but still have the original weight. (Want to have a better solution, but I'm lucking of knowledge with swf-files)
To avoid overencumbering the player with 'invisible' items, foods and chems are immediately dropped when trying to pick up with a gag equipped.
(Could improve this behaviour by making it dependant of the actual inventory weight)

unequip devious devices during sex scenes.
For improving ugly sex scenes. Because devios devices usually are blocked from easily unequipping, now your rapers always have the possibility to unequip.
With the feature on, always unequipped are body dresses, plugs (commonwealth plugs too!) and chastity belts. Depending on the scene Hoods and gags can also be unequipped.


AAF violate
It always annoyed me that the raiders didn't rob the player completely. What is preventing them from doing it?
Well with this feature now there is. At the start of the rape scene the player droppes
the equipped weapon, ammunition, clothing, a few random parts and the sack with the remaining equipment.
The bag with the equipment is of course closed, the player either did it by himself or the raiders do it.
The bag with the equipment will become visible after the pacification time ends, (it was in the way too often)
they are not tracked via quest, so keep in mind where you loose it !!
The best and favorited items are given to a raider dealer for selling.
If the player is accompanied, the companion remains naked after the rape at the end of the scene.
Hint: Do not pick up anything after the scene ends, if you want to do nevertheless then start with the ammunition.


There are three groups: Body will grow or body changes because of radiation. Body can change because the player was pregnant before or has catched some kind of hormone irritation and at last
permanent growing because of untreated radiation, untreaded hormone irritation, stimulated by breast piercing or high tech bomb collar.
(breast operations for string implantats are not realized, because of missing an idea why the player should do this and to gain what kind of advantage)
To make morphings work you must build the players body using Bodyslide with the morphing check box set, additionally for using the milkers this armors must be build also with the morphing feature.
See screenshot.
Additionall you must setup the final morphing values in the Inifiles.
The initialization file 'FO4_NudeBasics.Ini' for the morphing is located in folder F4SE\PLUGINGS and can be changed with any ordinary editor.
At the moment it looks like :




You can add other nodes or remove nodes to your personal likings. The inifile is loaded every time at game start.

The values of all 3 morphing groups are combined together before applied to the player. (Cumulative !)
In the information box the morphing values are shown in per thousand !


radiation morphing
radiation morphing effects are time delayed, applied after last radiation event. So standing in water with constant radiation does not show the effect on the player until the radiated water was left.
min radiation: If the actual radiation is below this value it does not have any (morphing) effect
radiation range: If the actual radiation is above min radiation plus this value then the radiation body changes have its max value reached.
For better 'shrinking' radaway needs now 150 seconds for full effect.


milking and hormone irritation
hormone irritations can be catched when the feature is on leaving the Cryopod (player has baby!) or normally by adjustable chance having kind of rough sex with raiders.
The effect has 7 stages. At stage 1 maximum milk is 70% while at stage 7 is 100%. Milk production rate increases with each step.
If the player has 100% milk content the visible morphing effect is at the maximum value for this group.  
After an adjustable period of time the hormone irritation starts fading out.
The contents of milk can always be reduced by using one of the milkers, but the milkers are not possible to pump the player completely dry.
During fade out sleeping will also reduce the milk amount and only with sleeping the disease can be cured completely.
Well when having sex again during the fade out periode, the amount of milk simply will increase a little bit.
If the player has a milker equipped and suited bottles in inventory, then this bottles are filled with milk and can be used (untested).

Bottles can be bought from Rhye or created at an chemy workbench.


permanent growing
checked every 24 game hours. Milk content bust be at maximum, Radiation must be at maximum to be considered. If multiple reasons exist the growing does not stack, only the value from the settings is taken into account.
permanent growing does not stop at 100 percent but nevertheless is limited.
With good luck player can find some 'Breast reduce pack' in a container or buy from Rhye.


Secondary effects
Secondary effect usually are based on the player's morphing total value. This is a combination of all activated groups where each group can have its own weight how much it should be considered building the
total value (This should math in some way your morphinmg settings in the ini File)
The weightings are adjusted with the 'influence' settings.


Undressing secondary effect
If your body changes then your attire becomes stressed more and more and also a power armor suit uncomfortable.
At a certain point you cannot endure it anymore and must unequip your armor or leave the power armor suit.
If armor breaking in general is activated and the additional break setting for the morphings your armor simply will burst. Sometime it is possible to send a warning notification.
Your armor also can make 'noises' before final breaking happens. On the other side if the player is nude but have already have some smaller body changes
equipping attire is no longer possible. It just doesn't fit anymore. Devious armor is very strong and does not break and is not unequipped because of body changes !
The power armor suit of coarse does not break, but depending on body changes either cannot be entered or must be leaved.
The values are just that for the ordinary armor multiplied with the choosen factor for power armor.
price influence
The selection is valid for a morphing total value of 1000. No prices are changed if the player is dressed up.
the influence is determined proportionally for smaller values


speed debuff
similar to price influence. But player get a speed debuff proportionally to the setting and the morphing total value.
When activated save more often if possible. One time had a curious speed buff instead of a speed debuff during testing, but never found the reason.


carry weight
similar to price influence, but player here get's a carry weight debuff proportionally to the setting.
Different to price and speed only the hormone irritation group and the permanent group is considered.
Radiation does not make sense for my understanding.


credits go to
@Kimy for making devious devices
@Bumex for making the skyrim conversions : https://www.loverslab.com/topic/72183-fo4-clothing-conversions-from-skyrim-wip/
@EgoBallistic for helping me with the AAF Animation framework and for AAF Violate
@JBpy for helping me with the milkers  








What's New in Version 1.0.2


This is a partial update for version 1.02 and only replaces some scripts.

Fixed detection for armor on body slot 33.

FIxed calculation of armorrating for armors that are not from vanilla game.

Changed player can automatic redress after urinating when combat is finished (untestet)

Fixed initialization problem (for new game) for power armor time restrictions.

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