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About This File

Hi. My items use either the ephiny-asunder´s EVE mesh v5 or v6 (there will be a "v6" on the item ingame icon if that is the case)


You need WickedWhims mod by Turbodriver


if you want to be able to play animations on my objects.


LL Releases are happening every other Friday.


If you REALLY like my stuff, you can support me here - https://www.patreon.com/KrNC

You get early access to everything I release (but dont worry, everything will be released here eventually) + input into what I make.

EVE v6 mesh found here -

All credit goes to ephiny-asunder.



For best results, make sure to set EVE in body selector for both top and bottom on you sim- that way even items that dont tell the game which body mesh to use (generally everything that is not in the top, bottom or body category), will use the correct mesh and prevent clipping and other graphical bugs that come from using the wrong body mesh with my items.


If you have any thoughts about my stuff, want to share screenshots or just say hi, drop by -





Please, dont reupload my stuff in any capacity unless you are given permission. If you need to include it (for sims etc) link this post.

If you want to make conversions (other bodytypes, male versions etc) for public release, shoot me a PM and ask. Thank you.




Currently available only through Patreon -




Lethe Urinal

Blowjob Pole

FK-Master 2000

Latex Love Set

Centerpiece Table

Containment Tank

Practical "Pet" Bowl Set

Bondage Spool

(s)Exercise Bike

Metal Pillory

Brainwashing Machine

Animation Set 2

Breeding Bench

Posture Table

Hanging Cage

Display Case


What's New in Version 1.0.35   See changelog


1.0.35 - added


Animation Set 1 -


1 new object - Ideal Spot

Go into your buy mode, search for "ideal" build the spot with the red swatch, then swap to the transparent swatch after you are happy with its position. Then play the new idle by clicking on the spot as you are used to with my objects.


3 new animations - 

BDSM Idle - teasing category on my Ideal Spot or on the floor.

Doll Stand With Hitachi Wand - teasing category on my Doll Stand

Hierarchy Bed Stocks Tex - (K-Bed Stock Fuck - vaginal category)


Mystery Box -


Four Swatches - Black&Red, Red&Black, White&Black, Pink&White

2 idle animations - Open Lid Idle, Closed Lid Idle


Supplicant Frame - updated again, redownload if you cant use it ingame.










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