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AAF Family Planning Enhanced for CBBE, Fusion Girl, and Jane Bod 2.611

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About This File

This is a conversion of Chosen Clue's great mod Family Planning Enhanced to the Advanced Animation Framework,  now supporting CBBE, Fusion Girl, and Jane Bod bodies.


This mod is based on Chosen Clue's Four-Play Family Planning Enhanced version 2.102, with all the added features from the following:


Note: I do not plan to add new features to this version of FPE, although I will fix bugs if necessary.  Invictus_blade has a new version of this mod that includes a lot more features: AAF Family Planning Enhanced Redux.  You probably should use that version.


Mod Features

Family Planning Enhanced, or FPE, is a pregnancy mod with a host of options to customize its behavior. Straight from installation, it works like this:


If you are male

You have intercourse with a female until she becomes pregnant. That's really all there is to it. There are options that help you determine if you succeeded in impregnating your partner, such as notifications about your virility, the chances your partner was pregnant, and when she becomes pregnant.


If you are female

Have intercourse until you become pregnant. As with males, you can enable notifications about your fertility, post-intercourse notifications about the chances of pregnancy, and notifications about conception and the stages of pregnancy.


What about NPCs?

They can get pregnant too, either through intercourse with the player, or with each other.


What happens next?

Pregnancy, of course! Women will have their bodies grow accordingly, if you have the right mods. Then, after 9 FPE months*, she will give birth, and after a certain amount of FPE months, the baby will grow into a child. Then after some more time, they will grow into an adult.


*Note, that FPE months are different from actual months, and can be customized to last however long the user wishes.


This is pretty vague, I thought you said that FPE had a host of options?

Hell yes it does. 4 pages, 30 settings, all available via the Mod Configuration Menu (MCM). Every option affects things differently, so be sure to hover over them while in the MCM menu to learn about each, or find out something you didn't know FPE had!


Full list of features:



You and other NPCs can get pregnant after having sex! After nine months, pregnant people give birth.


Body Morph support for CBBE, Fusion Girl, and Jane Bod.  Body type is selectable in the FPE MCM.


You can modify the chances of being pregnant through the Chance Options page in the FPE MCM.


You can modify how strongly FPE affects pregnancy by changing "Power" in the General Options page of FPE's MCM.


Equip condoms as a man or woman to help prevent pregnancies during sex.


As someone who can get pregnant, swallow contraceptive pills to help prevent pregnancies. They will also act like morning after pills that will abort a pregnancy if it's not past the first month.


Both the pills and condoms can be bought from doctors or found in containers in the world where you'd expect to find them, like dressers and bathroom mirrors.


Condoms can be crafted, if your character has the know-how. They can be crafted at Chemistry Stations and are found under the "HEALING" tab.


Fertility and virility. When you sleep, there's a chance you wake up fertile or virile depending on your sex, and increase the chance of conceiving after intercourse.


NPCs can be fertile/virile too! You can never really tell who's ready to get you knocked up / ready to get knocked up (Will be toggleable in later versions)


Find your daddy after learning you are pregnant! If you've had sex with more than one viable person, there will be a quest to find which partner that you've acquainted yourself with is the father of your unborn child. Once you've found him, convince him to stay, coerce money out of them, or hoof it as a single mom!*

*some resulting speech options are not fully implemented.


Talking to doctors while pregnant opens up a host of options to choose, from abortions to checking your baby's health, and healing your baby.


If your pregnancy was an unfortunate one, you can get an abortion up until the start of the 6th month of your pregnancy.
This costs 1000 caps. However, you could convince the doctor to give you a free one, but the difficulty of convincing the doc increases the more money you have.


Baby health! While you're pregnant, you need to take care of your child from the horrors of the wastes. Don't get hit from enemies, don't take in radiation, and don't drink or take bad chems! Think of the baby! If you don't like this option, you can disable it as well as ghoulification of children via the Baby/Children Options page of FPE's MCM.


Perks affect how your baby takes damage! Ranks in Toughness can reduce damage from weapons to nil, Ghoulish ranks can make radiation heal your baby's health, Rad Resistance and Lead Belly perks can reduce radiation damage.


A full lifecycle for children, from baby to adult! Once babies are born, they grow from baby to child, then child to adult. The time it takes to to grow into a child from a baby, and from child to adult are also customizable via the Baby/Children Options page of FPE's MCM.


82 different adults for children to grow into!


Baby addons! Baby addons can help provide a sense of variability to the kinds of children conceived from sex acts from different races. For example, installing the Dog addon provided in the download section will allow women impregnated by dogs to birth puppies, with special puppies for Dogmeat in particular!


Babies can be placed in workshop locations. If the location you place the baby in is a settlement, then the baby will grow into a child and then be added as a settlement NPC.


Options to select who can get pregnant. You can choose whether only the player gets pregnant or everyone else. And you can choose to make the player the only person that can impregnate.


Optional Non-NPC pregnancy. Get pregnant from creatures that can have sex, like Feral Ghouls, Super Mutants, or whatever you find (or finds you) out in the Wasteland. Off by default.


Optional Male pregnancy. Get pregnant as a man, with visuals being affected. Taking contraceptive pills as a man will reduce pregnancy chance. Off by default.


Optional Female to Female pregnancy. Dominant one will be the "father" of a possible pregnancy. This setting is good for futa characters. Off by default.


Optional Self impregnation. With a condom equipped, and as a character who can impregnate others, and be pregnant, masturbate to try to conceive with yourself.


You can set whether you can be notified on a multitude of different things, from whether sex conceived a baby, to when children grow up to adults, and everything in between.


If notifications about Virility and Fertility are on, your fertility/virility will also show up in your pip-boy menu.


FPE Months are determined by a custom amount of days that you can set. You can set it to be a realistic 30 days, or make it gamey by setting it to one day.


Did I mention that you can change most of these features using the options found in FPE's MCM?  Check the screenshots to preview the options!



Fallout 4 Script Extender (F4SE) by the F4SE team.  Please make sure this is installed correctly.

CBBE by Caliente, Fusion Girl by Vioxsis, Leito86, TheBottomhoodOfSteel, and ZaZ, or Jane Bod by Nightasy

Mod Configuration Menu by Registrator2000

LooksMenu by Expired6978

Advanced Animation Framework (AAF) by Dagobaking

AAF Themes by Halstrom
And of course you need to install animation packs.
Note: The latest version of FPE requires Fallout 4 runtime 1.10.162 or newer.  If you are running an older version of Fallout 4 you can use Fallout 4 Plugin Version Check Patcher to enable it to load AAF FPE.
Optional Mods
FPE Male Mesh Override mod by AppleWaterSugar.  This provides a male pregnancy morph slider for Atomic Muscle and BodyTalk3, allowing pregnant males to have proper pregnancy bellies.  This is totally optional, but recommended if you play with male pregnancies enabled.


Install the prerequisite mods, listed above. 

  • Pay special attention to the F4SE installation -- you must install the Data folder from the F4SE archive into your Fallout 4 folder.
  • If using CBBE, be sure to install the F4EE morphs when installing.
  • If using Fusion Girl or Jane Bod, build your body in Bodyslide with the "Build Morphs" option enabled after installing.
  • For all body types, always use the "Build Morphs" option whenever you build a body or outfit in BodySlide.


Once you have installed the prerequisites, make sure they work:

  • Use the [Home] key to play some AAF animations. 
  • Open the MCM and view some mod settings.
  • Make sure your body and outfits show up in game


Then, install AAF Family Planning Enhanced (this mod!)

  • AAF_FamilyPlanningEnhanced_2.610.7z is the main mod file.  You need this.
  • FPESuperMutantAddon.7z allows humans impregnated by Super Mutants to have babies who grow into Super Mutants
  • FPEDogAddon.7z allows humans impregnated by dogs to have puppies who grow into real dogs
  • FPEMakeYourOwnBabyAddon.pdf is instructions for mod authors wishing to make their own baby add-ons
  • FPE_Interface_Script_2.610.7z is an example script for mod authors - you do not need this if you are only playing the game


Once you've installed the mod, start up Fallout 4 and go into the AAF FPE MCM and choose your settings.  Then go forth and procreate!


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need Four-Play to use this?

A: No, this mod does not use or require Four-Play at all


Q: Do I need Vinfamy's Control Panel for this?

A: No, this uses MCM and does not communicate with Vinfamy's CP in any way


Q: Do I need the original Four-Play Family Planning Enhanced to use this?

A: No, this is a self-contained port of the mod, not a patch.  You only need this mod.


Q: I am using the "AAF 79 FPE" version, or Flashy's version.  Can I upgrade to this version?

A: Yes.  Make a backup save, then uninstall the existing version and install this version.  FPE will detect the old version and update itself.


Q: Do third party add-ons work with this version?

A: Yes.  The add-on interface is unchanged from previous versions.  AAF FPE Addon Pack or FPE More Creatures work with this mod, as do the add-ons in the Download section.


Q: Is there an option to create random NPC pregnancies?

A: The only way FPE can create pregnancies is when an animation occurs.  Any mod that allows NPCs to have sex with other NPCs will work.  Shenanigans, Autonomy, prostitution mods, companions in an AAF Violate event, or simply using the AAF wizard can make NPCs get pregnant. 


Q: How does the position filtering work?

A: FPE looks for certain tags on animations, and will prevent pregnancy if any of those tags are found.  The list of excluded tags is: Kissing, Hugging, Cuddling, Blowjob, 69, Cunnilingus, Scissor, Handjob, Footjob, Jackoff, Masturbation, Spanking, Dancing, Pose.  This is in addition to the other requirements, i.e. there must be at least one actor capable of becoming pregnant, one actor capable of fathering a child, etc.


Q: Does this work with Unique Player?

A: Yes, but you must copy the morph files for your chosen body. When you build the female body in BodySlide, you must copy the .tri file (the morphs file) from the Characterassets folder into the PlayerCharacterAssets folder under Data\Meshes\Actor\Character


Q: Can I prevent certain actor types or individual actors from becoming pregnant?

A: Yes.  Version 2.201 and up have a formlist, FPFP_ProhibitedKeywords (XX017743) for this purpose.  Actors with any keyword in this list cannot get pregnant.  So you can add keywords like ActorTypeGhoul or AnimArchetypeElderly to this formlist to prevent those actor types from becoming pregnant.  The formlist includes the new keyword FPFP_NoPregKW (XX017742), so it can be added to an individual actor to prevent them from becoming pregnant.


Q: Can I prevent certain pregnancies from starting up the Find the Father quest?

A: Yes.  Version 2.610 and up include a new keyword FPFP_NoDaddy (XX01E1A6).  If this keyword is on the actor who impregnates the player, the Find the Father quest will not start for that pregnancy.


Q: Is there an API I can use to make my mod cause or end pregnancies or find out when an actor gave birth?

A: Yes.  The main quest includes a GetAPI() function which you can use to access the API.  The primary function you will use is GetPregnancyInfo(akActor) which allows you to call all of the internal functions to manipulate pregnancy.  As of version 2.610, the mod also includes FPFP_GetPregnant and FPFP_GiveBirth events which will be sent out when a pregnancy begins or ends.  The FPE_Interface_Script available in the Downloads is a modder's resource illustrating the use of these features.



@vinfamy for Family Planning

@Chosen Clue for Four-Play Family Planning Enhanced, which is 99% of this mod

@Z0mBieP00Nani for the Condom Boy texture on the condom box

@TheBottomhoodofSteel for the Fusion Girl morph sliders and help with the BT3 pregnancy morph

@fedim for the original AAF 79 port of FPE

@Flashy (JoeR) for suggesting Tag filtering

@WandererZero for quality assurance

@AppleWaterSugar for developing the male pregnancy morph sliders for Atomic Muscle and BodyTalk3

@Ulfberth for help with Atomic Muscle pregnancy morph




V2.611 by EgoBallistic

Moved the FPE.SendPregEvent() call from FPFP_BasePregData.TrySpermFrom() to FPFP_BasePregData.Impregnate() so it works with mods that call Impregnate() directly.


V2.610 by EgoBallistic

  • Added the FPFP_NoDaddy keyword which will prevent the FPFP_Daddy quest from running if it is present on the father of the player's child
  • Added the FPFP_GetPregnant and FPFP_GiveBirth events, which are fired any time an actor becomes pregnant or stops being pregnant
  • Updated the FPFP_Interface_Script with examples of usage for the new events
  • Added a messagebox option to end the Find the Father quest when talking to the potential father(s).


V2.600 by EgoBallistic

  • Added support for the MPreg male pregnancy morph for Atomic Muscle and BT3.  Requires the FPE Male Mesh Override mod.


V2.500 by EgoBallistic

  • Added code to get the current values of morphs on characters, and to add the pre-pregnancy value of morphs to the FPE pregnancy morphs.


V2.401 by EgoBallistic

  • Fixed bug in the Find the Father quest causing vanilla NPC dialog for doctors to become silent and not skippable while the quest was active.


V2.400 by EgoBallistic

  • Added silent lip-synched dialogue files for all spoken dialogue in the mod.
  • Updated the Find the Father quest so that the outcomes (marriage, exclusive relationship, etc) end the quest.  If the outcome is marriage or exclusive relationship, the father NPC will have their relationship rank with the player increased to 4 (Lover).  There is still no relationship mechanism; you will need to use a multi-follower mod to make generic NPCs follow you, live with you, etc.
  • Removed morality checks from the Find the Father quest scenes.  Dialogue outcomes are now based entirely on persuasion checks and on the player's relationship rank with the NPC.
  • Changed the Baby objects properties in the baby add-on handlers from MiscObject to Form.  This allows Baby objects to be any type of object, so baby add-ons can now create wearable babies or just about any other kind of baby object.  The mod remains compatible with existing baby add-on mods.
  • Changed the "Allow Non-NPC" MCM option to "Allow Creatures" because the old title was confusing.


V2.300 by EgoBallistic

  • Added Show Target Pregnancy Info option under MCM Debug menu.  This will show whether the last actor under the crosshairs in dialogue range was pregnant, and if so give details about the pregnancy (number of babies, number of months along, and race of the father).


V2.204 by EgoBallistic

  • Fixed bug where actors who had been renamed by a mod, such as slaves in Just Business, would revert to their actorBase's name after giving birth.
  • Added "Verbose Script Logging" MCM option to disable the huge amounts of script logging generated by the PregData objects that track each actor.


V2.203 by EgoBallistic

  • Adds the FPFP_GiveBirth event allowing third-party mods to be notified when an actor gives birth or aborts a pregnancy
  • Updated FPE_Interface_Script


V2.202 by EgoBallistic

  • Adds JaneBod morph support
  • Includes compatibility for Fallout 4-76 which prevents that mod from deleting children from this mod


V2.201 by EgoBallistic

  • Added FPFP_NoPregKW keyword - actors with this keyword cannot become pregnant
  • Added FPFP_ProhibitedKeywords formlist - actors with a keyword in this formlist cannot become pregnant
  • Fixed bug where new AAF event registrations were not performed when updating from AAF 79 FPE, preventing player from becoming pregnant.


V2.200 by EgoBallistic

  • Initial AAF FPE version
  • Updated AAF support
  • Added selectable CBBE/Fusion Girl morph support
  • Added use of tags to prevent non-sex animations from causing pregnancies
  • Added event filtering so only NPCs involved in animations will react to AAF animation events
  • Clarified wording of several MCM options


V2.102 COLD FIX by Chosen Clue

  • fixed a condition set to OR instead of AND in the creature daddy found dialogues in the FPFP_Daddy quest. no more ... creatures hopefully


V2.102 by Chosen Clue

  • Shortened the data applying range, to see if it may fix crashes that are supposedly caused by FPE.


For older versions, see the original mod page.



What's New in Version 2.611


This release adds some features to help other mod authors integrate their mods with FPE, and a small feature added by request:

  • Added a new FPFP_NoDaddy keyword.  If the actor who impregnates the player has this keyword, the Find the Father quest will not start when the player finds out they are pregnant.
  • Added two new events, FPFP_GiveBirth and FPFP_GetPregnant.  FPE will send out an FPFP_GetPregnant whenever any actor gets pregnant, and send out a FPFP_GiveBirth when the actor gives birth or has an abortion/miscarriage.  Both events include arguments that indicate the mother, father, number of children, and whether a birth was a live birth.  See the updated FPE_Interface_Script for details.
  • The Find the Father quest will now give you the option to abandon the quest if you select the "I wasn't looking at you" or "never mind" option when talking to the potential father:



Note that the mod was built with Creation Kit version 1.10.162.  This means AAF FPE requires Fallout 4 version 1.10.162 or newer.  If you are running an older version of Fallout 4 you can use Fallout 4 Plugin Version Check Patcher to enable it to load AAF FPE.

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