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About This File

Dark Souls III Shield Pack


A port of [31] shields from Dark Souls 3


Give me something, it is free after all. http://www.youtube.com/c/NamelessGod



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~Requires Hearthfires~


Shields Ported


-Caduceus Round Shield

-Crimson Parma

-Eastern Iron Shield

-Elkhorn Round Shield

-Ghru Rotshield

-Havel's Greatshield

-Hawkwood's Shield

-Iron Round Shield

-Kite Shield

-Large Leather Shield

-Leather Shield

-Llewellyn Shield

-Plank Shield

-Red and White Shield

-Round Shield

-Small Leather Shield

-Target Shield

-Warriors Round Shield

-Wooden Shield

-Lothric Knight Shield
-Follower Shield
-Ancient Dragon Greatshield
-Sacred Bloom Shield
-Golden Falcon Shield
-Clerics Parma
-Black Knight Shield
-Silver Knight Shield
-Grass Crest Shield
-Stone Parma
-Ethereal Oak Shield


Things to do

-Add physics to some shields

Probably won't happen.

-Make DSR Compatible

-Add base effects to shields

(not taking an enchant slot)


Destroyed UVs Fixed

None so far


Rules on usage:

You may not use this in any attempt of monetary gain, ex. YouTube Monetization, adf.ly links, pay walls or any other form.

You may not modify the files in this mod in any shape or form unless for personal use.

You may not redistribute this file in any shape or form.

Further use outside of gameplay and basic modding requires my permission.

You may not use this file in any way other than for personal use, redistrobution prohibited CC


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What's New in Version 1.0.1


Lothric Knight Shield
Follower Shield
Ancient Dragon Greatshield
Sacred Bloom Shield
Golden Falcon Shield
Clerics Parma
Black Knight Shield
Silver Knight Shield
Grass Crest Shield
Stone Parma
Ethereal Oak Shield

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