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About This File

Hi. This will be my first mod ever! - I hope that everything works as intended. My main and only focus will be Human animations. Do not expect multiple updates per month as the process of making animations is very time consuming. The animations themselves are made pretty quickly, but the constant adjustments of the hands, feet and so on are a bitch to get right.


More will follow...


Human Animations:

BeachBall (Furniture)

Chair 1 (Furniture)

Cowgirl 1

Cowgirl 2

Cowgirl 3

Cowgirl 4

Doggy 1

Hot Tub (Furniture)

Missionary 1

Missionary 2

Reverse Cowgirl 1

Romantic Face2Face

Shelf 1 (Furniture)

Standing 1

Standing Cowgirl

Table 1 (Furniture)

Table 2 (Furniture)

Wall Seduction


Idle Animations:

Laydown Idle Replacer (Underground Bathhouse, Tundra Springs)

Lean On Wall Idle Replacer (Underground Bathhouse, Whiterun and Markarth Jarls Keep)

Lean On Table Idle Replacer (Underground Bathhouse, Sleeping Giant Inn and Windhelm Markets)

Sit On Ledge Idle Replacer (Underground Bathhouse, Hunter Shack near Dead men's Respite)

Sitting Cross-Legged Idle Replacer (Underground Bathhouse, Tundra Springs) - Ingame it's called Sit Down.




Install like any other SLAL pack, Don't forget to run fnis!


Previews: See my new blog. Will be updated with all my animations and multiple babes...




Recommended mods :

- Sexlab Animation Speed Control by h38fh2mf (To speed up and get more Tit bounce)





- vwr Idle Markers (Place idles everywhere - Delete at will if idle spot is wrong) - Perfect for Goma Pero Land




- Dovahkiin can Lean Sit Kneel Lay Down and Meditate etc. (You can use invisible idle markers that were only intended for NPC's like "Lean On Table")





- Instructions for fixing Sexlab "Pure Virtual Function Call"


(Together with CTD fix in Sexlab solves all CTD errors when starting animations and You can now scale all actors during animations and they will keep that scale) 






Credits - Helped so much when I was starting with Max and everything was confusing.


- CEO 0S for his guides
- pornphile for his rigs and guides
- AnubiSs2167 for his advice with Foot IK
- Nibbles for his guide and SLAL instructions

- Billyy for help with furniture animations


What's New in Version 2.8


Version 2.8

- Added New 6 stage animation "Hot Tub"

- Previews have been added to my blog

- LE and SE version added

- Enjoy the new animation


Version 2.7

- Added New 5 stage animation "Wall Seduction"

- Previews have been added to my blog

- LE and SE version added

- As with other wall animations allignment is tricky. First of all make sure to use sheer walls with no protrusions. Standing as close as possible to the wall is recommended.

- Enjoy the new animation 


Version 2.6.2

- Added New "Lean On Table" idle replacer. It is called "Use Lean" in the Underground Bathhouse.

- Previews will be added to my blog ASAP

- This along with my other idles are Female idles. Remember to tick "Gender Specific Animations" in FNIS, so the behavior files are generated correctly. 


Version 2.6.1

- Forgot to include SOS allignments. New files have been uploaded.


Version 2.6

- Added New 8 stage animation "Table 2"

- Previews will be added to my blog ASAP

- LE and SE version added

- Enjoy the new animation!! 


Version 2.5.1

- Added the SSE conversion of version 2.5 (Did the conversion myself (Cathedral) - Hope it works)


Version 2.5

- Added New animation "Standing Cowgirl".

- Previews will be added to my blog ASAP

- Enjoy the new animation!!


Version 2.4

- Added New animation "BeachBall" - Worked my ass off this week to get it finished. Very pleased with the result.

- Previews have been added to my blog.

- Anim Objects sometimes turn faded dark. Either have female reequip HDT havok object or use hotkey for "Change actors"

- Stage 1 with all animations goes out of sync sometimes. Change to stage 2 and back will solve the issue.

- Enjoy the new animation!!




- For best results the Male has to have a weight of 64. A weight of 0 or 100 will result in hand/feet clipping in the Cowgirl 3 / Missionary animations.


P.s please remember to run FNIS after installing.

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