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C5Kev's Katarina Armor Retex Mash-Up UUNP 1.0.0

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* * Added a version with Heels Sound * *

Pretty self-explanitory - the great Katarina Armor with Heels Sound included for clicky boots - as they should be. Naturally  Heels Sound  is required and can be DL'ed here on LL thanks to ApoKrytia.



Hello Folks!   A few of my retex mod's have lace involved in one fashion or another. Why? Well, I think lace is very sexy and believe future items will feature it as well. I guess I have a one-track mind. Anyway, I was looking for an outfit with low-rise pants and found Lux77's  Katarina Armor Redone 2.0  ...and made some of my own changes to his (or hers) and zzjay's (I think) original mods. Perhaps the LL community might like the outfit as well.


As one can see, I've changed the pants texture to a rose patterned lace, re-textured a top from Nisetanaka / Kofman77's  The Amazing World of Bikini Armor  and added Alduin boots from my  Dragonscale Drops  mod that were created by Krista. So obviously I haven't really "created" anything here, other than throw the outfit together, made up a few textures and normals and made up new UUNP BodySlide files.


Just install my mod, build the armor and boots in BodySlide (look for C5Kev's Katarina Armor UUNP in the "Group" filter) and you're off to the races!


Hope You Likey!  FWIW, I use and highly recommend  Cherry Hotalings Breast and Bounce Physics w/ Collision  and  Victoria's High Heel Walk .  Any probs, just let me know.


DO NOT upload this or any of my other mods onto other sites or utilize my assets without permission please.


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