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CPU heavy Tech Demo for the excellent Virt-A-Mate VR game.


This scene is a result of almost three weeks and 40+ hours of work. It's probably the most complex VaM scene created to date (based on the number of Atoms used).


It should run decent with reflections disabled and physics cap enabled. Otherwise your mileage may vary. But generally don't expect it to run smoothly.




- New complete environment.


- Look for a clues about the background story.


- Functional Fucking Machine.


- You have some control over the spaceship, but it was dammage during the pirate raid so don't expect it to behave like it should.


- You can posses the gynoid Nola-69 for full experience, or you can play it without possesing her.



1) Download and install Mofme VaM Assets Pack: Mofme VaM Assets Pack is required for this and any of my other scenes to work properly!!!


2) Unpack scene to Saves folder in your VaM installation folder. Don't change file paths.

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