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About This File

This is asset pack for Virt-a-Mate (or VaM) VR sandbox. This is a hard dependency for all my current and future VaM addons.



Unpack everything to the Saves directory under your VaM installation pack. Don't change file paths.



It contains free resources from Wikimedia, Deviant art and other sources as well as sound files from following Skyrim Mods.

Beeing Female by milzschnitte
Branding Device Of Doom by nooblet123
Cum On Anything by lesalle
Devious Devices by Kimy
Dripping When Aroused by Ed86
Egg Factory by MorePrinniesDood
Estrus Alternate Sounds           by battlebenf

Estrus Chaurus+ by Bane Master
EstrusForSkyrim by cotyounoyume
Immersive Pet Girl by Slaves of Tamriel
Lich Evilynn by Evilynn
OSA by CE0
SexLab by Ashal
Shout Like a Virgin by VirginMarie
Immersive Hair Growth and Styling by emily1673
ZaZ Animation Pack by ZaZ and XaZ
ZaZExtensionPack by zaira

All credits go to authors of these mods and resources. If you are an author of some of the resources and you want them removed from this pack - just let me know - I will do this immediately.


Please feel free to reuse it in your VaM addons as long as you make this assets pack a requirement for it.

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