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Combat Strip Lite

Brief Intro
Mod that enables the player character to get stripped during combat!


Immersive Intro
Being frozen for centuries in a pod and then abruptly having to adjust to a post-nuclear wasteland has introduced some interesting side effects to Nora's skin. When struck really hard, her skin will become bruised and inflamed, to the point where she can't wear clothing for some time! Careful not to get hit often, because otherwise, your poor Nora might have to explore the Commonwealth naked!


Introduces chances for the player to get stripped during combat. When being stripped, the player will also get "damaged/bruised" on that particular body part, which will prevent clothing/armor from being worn on that body slot. 


Ways to get stripped during combat (further explained later):
1) Player's health reaches zero (Invincible-until-stripped mode)
2) Unlucky hits: when hit below a certain health threshold
3) Power and bash attacks
4) Attacks from certain race


Stripping is progressive, and body damage can stack up to 6 times.
At damage stacks 1 & 2, player's arm armor will get stripped.
At stacks 3 & 4, leg armor will get stripped.
At stacks 5, head and chest armor will get stripped.
At stacks 6, body/clothing will get stripped (completely naked at this point!).
After the 6th stack, any subsequent strips (well, theres nothing more to strip now) will instead increase the recovery time. You will get punished for being naked!

(Note that these are the defaults and can be changed in MCM)


The mod offers 3 ways for the player to heal from the damage so that he/she can wear clothes and armor again:
1) Heal over time. This healing is real life time. So waiting or fast traveling will not speed up the healing
2) Stimpacks
3) Sleep


Invincible-Until-Stripped mode
This mode makes the player invincible until he/she has reached damage stack 6 (fully naked). After reaching stack 6, the player will lose the invincible status, and can be killed. In this mode, the player will get stripped and receive damage stack(s) when taking any hit that brings his/her health down to 0. The mode also has a feature where the player will get healed when being stripped (if you want to mimic having extra lives). The heal amount can be adjusted or disabled altogether in MCM. This mode is disabled by default and can be enabled in MCM.


NOTE: This mode uses StartDeferredKill flag to keep the player invincible. So if you have another mod that's also using that, then it may conflict with that mod.
Also, I added a "Naked God Mode" setting in MCM. When toggled, the player will always be invincible, even after reaching damage stack 6. Instead of dying, every hit received at that point will increase the heal time. This setting can be useful if you have a need to keep the player alive for whatever reason.

Note on disabling: When disabling this mode, the game (not my mod) will actually try to kill the player if the players health ever reached 0. The mod catches that by temporarily setting the players state as essential, so that the player doesnt die. However, it will trigger a bleed out state and scene, meaning if you have other mods that trigger off of bleedout scene, like death alternative mods, then those scripts will trigger. You should temporarily turn off other mod’s death alternative features when disabling this mode if you dont want those events to trigger.



Unlucky Hits
When taking hits below a certain threshold, the player has a chance to get stripped. The health threshold and chance are both customizable in MCM. But wait, Nora's got some good luck, too! Unlucky hits may strip her, but it can also heal her for certain amount. This heal amount is customizable in MCM (can also be disabled).
WARNING: Be conservative with the health threshold. Since this can be triggered by ANYTHING, such as damage auras, poison, etc, it is recommended that you set the health threshold low (probably below 30% ish). Otherwise, you might find yourself getting stripped often by weird, unexpected things... of course unless you want that.


Power and Bash Attacks
Beware of melee attacks! Chance is customizable in MCM. I personally set this to 100%. Since ferals tend to use a lot of power attacks, that means I basically get stripped when being hit by a feral. Those nasty perverts... oh wait.


Attacks From Specific Races
You can set a flat chance where any attacks from certain races can trigger a strip. Races are divided into 4 categories: Ferals, Human, Animals, Mutants. 
WARNING: Just like unlucky hits, this can be triggered by ANYTHING. It's recommended that you set the chance to low (or even 0) for races that's known to have DoT effects or damage auras that ticks frequently (like Feral Ghoul's radiation damage aura). This feature is more BETA, since I can't figure out how to separate out DoTs and auras.


The player will automatically recover from damage over time (real time). The time-to-recover value is customizable in MCM. Also, by default, the player only recovers one stack at a time. That means if the recovery time is set to 60 seconds and player is currently at damage stack 5, after 60 seconds, the player will recover to damage stack 4. Then stack 3 after another 60 seconds, then 2 after 60 seconds and so on. The MCM lets you change it so that player fully recovers instead of recovering one stack at a time.
Stimpack recovery can be customized in MCM. You can customize the amount of stacks it recovers, or disable stimpack recovery.
You can also enable/disable recovery from sleep. If enabled, sleep recovers all stacks (unless you were interrupted and woken up from sleep)


Customize Armor Slots
If you have custom armor/clothing mods that use different item slots, or want the armor pieces to be stripped in different order, you can customize what item slots get stripped for each damage stack level. This setting can be found in "Advanced" page of MCM. The slots can be 0 - 28. Refer to Biped slot documentation if you are not sure which slot is for which body part.


(Optional) MCM


Manual installation or NMM, whichever you prefer


If you turned on Invincible-Until-Stripped mode, make sure to turn that off before uninstalling the mod. Otherwise, your character will be left invincible (you can probably fix that using console commands, maybe).


Custom Sound Replacer

By VaderHater: Sound replacer - Original female grunt sound with ripping sounds overlay

Is this compatible with combat surrender type mods, like VP Violate & RSE?
Yes, in fact it works really well (at least for me :P). I personally use invincible-until-stripped mode and set the damage to 6, along with RSE's combat surrender. When my player's health reaches 0, she gets stripped naked, gets raped (by RSE), and is forced to stay naked for some time post-rape. Adds some more consequences to getting defeated in combat.


Is this compatible with Devious Devices?

Yes. Devious devices items will not be stripped on strip events. However, the player will still receive damage stacks, which means when you get those devious devices removed, your character still needs to heal before he/she can wear armor on that body part.


How will this work with power armor

By default, strip events will not happen when the player is in a power armor. But you can change that in the MCM. An exception to this is if you are using invincible-until-stripped mode and the player's health reaches zero, then player will get stripped. 


Does this work for male players?
Yes. But you might want to turn off the strip sound. Currently, when the player gets stripped, the mod will play a female grunt/moan sound. You can turn the sound off in MCM, unless you dont mind your dude moaning like a girl when getting stripped.


Can I create my own sound for this mod for males/different female/dog/cat/____ (and also upload)?

By all means! If I like it, I'll even add a link to it here for recommendation.


What are the "!Damaged __" items that show up in my player's inventory?
Those items are for display purposes only. They show up in the inventory when the player gets damaged. It just helps you know which body parts are currently damaged. When the player recovers, those items will be automatically removed from inventory.

Hope you all enjoy!

What's New in Version 1.5.0


- NEW: Random strip mode. When enabled, instead of armor being stripped in a fixed, set order every time, it will be randomized. That means sometimes you might have your chest armor stripped first, whereas before it was always arm -> leg -> chest, etc. The random mode will respect your custom slot settings under "Advanced" tab. Note that whatever is defined as 6th damage slots will always be stripped last. 1st - 5th will be randomized, buth 6th will always be last.

- NEW: Armor destroy chance. Added an MCM option where an armor has a chance to be destroyed completely (you cannot get it back) when being stripped. When an armor is destroyed, a fabric tear sound effect will play, to make it more distinct.


(Clean save not required, but do not update when your character has active damage stacks.)

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