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The Redguard Expansion Prologue 1.0.0

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NEW SKYRIM ADVENTURE!! Epic Skyrim Mods - Episode 26 

How do I start the quests?
Go to the Solitude Sawmill, speak to the Redguard, he sticks out like a soar thumb.He will then give you directions, then go to the new custom boat near the Solitude dock area and activate the mushroom.

2 New Quests
A brand new player home with custom meshes and textures
New weapons and armor New voice actors
3 4 new tropical Islands made from scratch!
New items, foods, kiwi, banana, pineapple, orange etc.
New creatures, lions, Imgas gorilla like creatures, Minotaur, Namira's spirit etc.
Much more content will be released in the upcoming chapters including new lands to explore & New Guilds to join.

Chapter 1 
will take place in a brand new Island, 5 times bigger than the chain.
You will be able to join all the factions! The Imperial Nine's, The Redguard Order, Namira's Cult and The Red Sabre Pirates.
New engaging quests loaded with actions, mystery, romance and terror.