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Action Hero One-Liners Fallout 4 1981

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This Mod adds one liners from action heroes both male and (some) female. They are craftable useable items that can be crafted for no cost in batches of 100 and weigh nothing. You will need to read the related note in order to craft them. The note is found in a chest in the underground bunker in Sanctuary, it is on the top shelf.  keep the note on you to craft them. The note also is a list of the one liners and what they say. The items do give a small boost to charisma and add the lover's comfort perk for a couple of seconds. yes, you probalby can spam these to pass difficult Charisma checks if you want to abuse it.
NOTE: most of these are LOUD! They are supposed to be.
please let me know of any that do not work, Toga, Toga is tempremental i will try to fix this.
Credit to:
Arnold Shwartzenegger
Sylvester Stallone
Harrison Ford
Sho Nuff- The one true master
Chuck Norris
Sigourney Weaver
Bruce Willis
Wesley Snipes
Al Pachino
Flash Gordon
Pam Grier
John Wayne
The cast of robocop
Chris Tucker
Bluto Blutarsky who did a good job playing John belushi
George Peppard
Samuel L Jackson
Uma Thurman
Rudy Ray Moore
The chick who played valeria in conan the barbarian
Mark Hamill- the one true joker
The voices of Gi-Joe (80s cartoon)
The Voices of Optimus Prime (80s Movie)
The voices of He-Man (80s cartoon)
Carl Weathers
Jessie the Body Ventura
Bruce Campbell
Roddy Roddy Piper
Russel Crowe
The dude who played king leonidas
Clint Eastwood
John St. James (Duke Nukem)
Sean Connery
Mr. T
Charlton Heston
Bill Murray
The dude who plays the punisher on netflix
Michael Buffer
Danny Glover
Christopher Lambert
and credit to anyone else i inadvertantly forgot.

Fallout4ActionHero One-Liners BSAversion.zip

What's New in Version 1981


Added a Volume Slider.

Settings - Audio - "Action Hero Meter".