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About This File

IMPORTANT: with the introduction of a new body system in the new WhickedWhims, this mod became outdated. If you're using WhickedWhims v. or newer, please download TURBODRIVER's updated version: 


This is an updated version of LunarEclipse's penis to work with animations that feature animated penis. It contains the model for the hard penis that can be selected with WickedWhims and that will be visible during sex, this means that if you also want the soft model and the default replacement you'll have to download them separately (you can find the link under requirements). The mod isn't perfect, it has some issues that I don't know how to fix and it will only work correctly on males with male frame and possibly on females with male frame.

Please, bear in mind that I'm not the original creator of this mod, I've just updated it in their absence, so don't ask me for variations/different versions of it. All the credit goes to LunarEclipse/LunarisEclipse.



For this to work you will also need to download the following mods if you don't have them yet:

- LunarEclipse original penis - https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/3436-sims-4-lunar-eclipse-new-hd-penis-model-hard-and-soft-ver-updatewickedwhims-compatible/

  • LunarEclipse-MFBottoms_HDHardPenis_CAS.package
  • LunarEclipse-MFBottoms_HDSoftPenis_CASOnly.package
  • LunarEclipse-ymTattoo_[hardpenis]CASTexturePack_BASEGAME.package
  • LunarEclipse-ymTattoo_[hardpenis]CASTexturePack_ALIENSET.package - no need to install this if you don't have Get to Work EP
  • LunarEclipse-ymTattoo_[hardpenis]CASTexturePack_VAMPIRESET.package - no need to install this if you don't have Vampires GP
  • LunarEclipse-NudeSkinsets[HDPenis]FemaleSkinOverlays_Defaults.package - don't install this if you already have a default replacement skin for females
  • LunarEclipse-NudeSkinsets[HDPenis]MaleSkinOverlays_Defaults.package - don't install this if you already have a default replacement skin for males
  • LunarEclipse-NudeSkinsets[HDPenis]AlienEP01_DefaultOverrides.package - don't install this if you already have a default replacement skin for aliens
  • If you want this penis to appear instead of the default one when the sims are showering or when you remove the clothes in CAS use also LunarEclipse-MFBottoms[HDSoftPenis]_Defaults.package

- At least v3.2.4.122 of WickedWhims by Turbodriver - https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/3169-wickedwhims/



  • If you already had the original files by LunarEclipse simply put my version of the file LunarEclipse-MFBottoms[HDHardPenis]_CAS.package into the same folder. It will ask you to overwrite the old file, so hit yes. Don't delete the other old files, you will need them.


  • If you didn't have the original files by LunarEclipse put 1st the required files in you mods folder and then my version of LunarEclipse-MFBottoms[HDHardPenis]_CAS.package into that same folder. It will ask you to overwrite the old LunarEclipse-MFBottoms[HDHardPenis]_CAS.package, so hit yes.



If you have any issue with the mod please first make sure that

  • You have selected LunarEclipse soft and hard penis for that sim with WickedWhims in case you're still seeing WickedWhims' default penis (click on the sim->Wicked->Settings->Penis settings)
  • Your game is at least on version 1.36
  • Your mods are updated to work with your current version of the game
  • You only have one rig installed. If you have the old rigs by Denton47, Azmodan22 or someone else, you'll have to delete them or they will cause distortion on the penis. Use only the rig that comes with WickedWhims (TURBODRIVER_Azmodan22_autobanned_Denton47_WickedWhims_RigOverride.package)
  • You are using a compatible skin and/or skin tint or you have applied the penis texture in the tattoo category, otherwise the penis will be black
  • You are playing an animation with animated penis
  • You have all the necessary files


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