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sorceress99 CBBE HDT conversions Part 1 1.6.0

117 Screenshots

About This File

 All screenshots are signed by their mod names, that are located in 'download'  section.

With the permission from Sorceress99  I created CBBE HDT conversion for his armors and clothes. All of these armors/clothes were tested with heavy weighted(100) bodies is

Bodyslide. Every armor has screenshot, I’ll describe their numbers from left to right. Also some of screens contain parts from the other mods. They all will be linked below, if I didn’t link some  parts it means they are included in mod. ATTENTION: In order to see all screenshots, click on latest visible screenshot.
Numbers of screens and armor description:
Gatti 14 Yumiko (red color).  Bracers from Daz Bikini Collection, earrings from Honshu Outfit, nails from HN66 NAILS4 ALL.
Gatti 14 Yumiko (black). Heels and stocking from CBBE DAZ3D Pumps, bracers from Daz Bikini Collection.
Osare HotPants. Boots [Dint] DBO Valkyrie.
Osare HotPants. Heels from CBBE Heels Collection, bracers with nails from Momiji Overalls.
Helena Succubus.
6-Oin bikini. It has 4 variations ( black, transparent/not transparent white). (Stocking, Heels, bracers, necklace)- all from Lady Jasmine.
7, 8,9 – Sexy Bunny. On 9th screen Corset from the following mod.
10- Tumblr gifts. Heels and stocking from CBBE DAZ3D Pumps, bracers from Daz Bikini Collention.
11,12 – mod DG Leather Clothes. Black shorts and boots from Luxury Collection 1.7.7, second boots from CBBE DAZ3D Pumps.
13- mod DG Leather Clothes. Bracers from Vindictus MiniDress, footwear from CBBE Heels Collection
14,15,16,17- Zenna Armor CBBE. Footwear from  Luxury Collention 1.7.7, boots from [Dint] DBO Valkyrie. 
Thank to Pastreloks for helping with translation and editing.

What's New in Version 1.6.0


18,19,20,21 – Daz Bikini Collection – swimwears, bracers with 5 colors.
22,23 - Honshu Outfit
24,25 -  Fashion Clothes
26,27 – LittleBlush . 10 colors
28,29 – Lady Jasmine
30,31 – AdventurerMashup
34,35 – [Dint] BDO Valkyrie
36 – Neith Timerigan Priestess, footwear from Luxury Collection 1.7.7
37 – mod Lace Armor
38- mod Gwelda Red
39 – VGS Eligh. Heels from CBBE Heels Collection
40 – Mod DEMv2 SoulWar
41 – Momiji Overalls
42-48 – Heimu99
49 – Dem Ritual
50 – Pubic Hair 3d cbbe Bodyslide. 5 shapes and colors. Also uploaded body preset for bodyslide with hdt vagina (Vagina HDT CBBE)
51,52 – Min iBikini CBBE HDT
53-56 – mod My Love Dress CBBE HDT
58,59 – mod Chain Metal Outfit CBBE HDT
60 – Custom Clothes for Pandora
61,62 – SugarNight and Sunrise Bikini
63,64 – KillBill
65 – XXZhenunge
66,67 – RagingMoon
68 – Salome
69,70,71- No Angel Dress
72 – mod SextrimRingMail
73 – mod Charles Rene
74 – Dragon Song
75,76 – mod VGS Sucettes
77-79-  mod DEM Collection
80,81 – Short Sexy Dress
84,85 - BazoongasWorkshop-YoungTrap

86 - Delphin Outfit CBBE HDT;
 87,88-Miquote Underwear CBBE HDT;
89,90 - LB Lady MoragTong;
93-97 Sweet Pea Armor CBBE HDT
98,99 - Arcane Sister HDT
100-105 Armored Skirts CBBE HDT
106, 107-Bondage Straps CBBE.
108,109 - Sweet Lolita CBBE-HDT.
110,111-Aradia Secretary CBBE-HDT.
112,113 - BBD_NereidPirate CBBE-HDT.
Following mods are loaded :
-Aradia Leather Outfit
- Budoka
-DF T4.
- Renzuneiyi 8 colo
- vindictusblackleather
- DV Bonemold Armor
- Doom Heavy

sorceress99 CBBE HDT conversions Part 2 the reference https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/4727-sorceress99-cbbe-hdt-conversions-part-2/