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This is basically a cleaned version of Schroedinger's Trap mod. I publish this with her allowence, so all credits go to her.


What is changed against the original:


- cleaned with Tes5edit and renamed all forms
- remove everything what is unnecessary and/or not working


- reworked all scripts, to have less papyrus impact (polling is only done as long as bladder or bowels are filled and stop afterwards)
- simplified the MCM (No more closing necessary when settings are changed)
- added random function for peeing, pooping and the sounds
- poops are deleted automatically, when player leaves the cell
- separate the wetself function from the bladder system.
Wetself is only event driven (no constant papyrus stress) That means also if the bladder/bowel is deactivated, the mod could run together with pee and fart.


- all animations should be the same as before


ZAZ Animation Pack


A mod manager is recommended
If the original mod is used, than this must be deinstalled first and a clean safe is necessary.
After installation FNis for users must be executed



As suggested from @Pedal92, I have placed the existing patches in the download area.


The old patch _PNPlayerAliasScript.Pex fixed the MCM bug with the wetself option.

The new patch _PNUtilityScript.pex increase compatibility to the newer Devious Devices system,

since all armors with the Keyword "SexlabNoStrip" will remain equipped on the Player.

Besides the new version automatically switches from first to third person and back, when necessary.




The vanilla Addon is not necessary if you have sexlab and Zaz-Animation pack installed !
It is only necessary if you intend to play a more vanilla game. In that case the Zaz-animation pack nevertheless must be installed,
but the esm doesn't need to be activated. Install and activate the Addon instead.




I think of adding new features to this mod only if I find them interesting enough for my own game.
The same applies to bugs. Only in case they interfere with my own game I will try to eliminate them.
My regular job is programming control systems for the industry, that's why I only program in my free time when I am really interested in the result.

What's New in Version 4.0


Added the old and the new patch direct to the download section

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