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About This File

All The rugs must be placed always with the Yellow arrow oriented to the north (just for paired animations)
(place the rugs 02 in front of 01 and so on.)


Paired Animations:


01 Female bending, Male standing
02 Lesbi 1 standing lesbi 2 fingering (Two Females)
03 Lesbi 2 (Two Females) (one doggy, one with a dildo)
04 Male,Female ridding (M in front of F) (Female with open mouth)
05 3some Carry (two males one female)
06 Oral Female, Male standing (Female with open mouth) ||| Requires A_SS Male Body to be equiped |||
08 3some doggy (two Males one Female)
09 Male,Female oral cum position with fake tongue
10 Male couch

10 Female couch (edited anim.updated)

10 Female couch 2 (New anim.)

10 Female couch Oral ||| Requires A_SS Male Body to be equiped ||| (can be swapped with 10 Female couch from above)

11 3some Handjob (two Female one Male)

12 Pair Handjob ||| Requires A_SS Male Body2 to be equiped |||

13 Male,Female Candle position

14 Lesbi69 A&B

15 Ass Job Female

15 Ass Job Male ||| Requires A_SS Male Body2 to be equiped |||

16 Table Hook Female

16 Table Hook Female 2

16 Table Hook Male

17 Chair Bend Female

17 Chair Bend Female 2

17 Chair Bend Male

18 Couch Doggy Female

18 Couch Doggy Female 2

18 Couch Doggy Male 1

18 Couch Doggy Male 2 ||| Requires A_SS Male Body to be equiped |||

Solo animations:


07 Female lying down masturbate
07 Male handjob standing

added Edited and Equipable Male body (with smaller penis to fit the oral and/or handjob scenes.)

= A_SS Male Body

= A_SS Male Body2

= A_SS Condom (optional)

-Craft at chemistry station under utility.


-How to use it-


=Open workshop menu, place the blue floor rug 02 in front of 01 and so on.
=Assign Followers or Settlers done.


- Note -


- The Rugs are in: Special menu -  (the positions names are just random names)

- I used a Curvy CBBE body for the animation, if the hands
doesn't fit adjust your preset in game with console cmd. SLM (looks menu)

- Sometimes when the Game is re-lunched the NPC position is slightly moved.

= Solution : just reload the same save game, or re-assign the NPC to the rugs


- In some occasions, or sometimes the NPC can't use the rugs.

= Solution : command the NPC to move First near the rugs , Then Assign them.






Change Positions of NPC using console commands:


1. Enter console commands

2. Left click an NPC

3. Type one of the following numbers:




modpos y 10 or x 10 or z 10 {OR} y -10 or x -10 or z -10

modangle y 10 or x 10 or z 10 {OR} y -10 or x -10 or z -10




Change Anim Face using console commands:


1. Enter console commands

2. Left click an NPC

3 Type one of the commands Below:




caa AnimFaceArchetypeAfraid
caa AnimFaceArchetypeAmused
caa AnimFaceArchetypeAngry
caa AnimFaceArchetypeApologetic
caa AnimFaceArchetypeAwed
caa AnimFaceArchetypeConcerned
caa AnimFaceArchetypeConfident
caa AnimFaceArchetypeConspiratorial
caa AnimFaceArchetypeDefiant
caa AnimFaceArchetypeDepressed
caa AnimFaceArchetypeDisgust
caa AnimFaceArchetypeFatherDeath
caa AnimFaceArchetypeFlirting
caa AnimFaceArchetypeFriendly
caa AnimFaceArchetypeGrateful
caa AnimFaceArchetypeHappy
caa AnimFaceArchetypeImpressed
caa AnimFaceArchetypeInPain
caa AnimFaceArchetypeIrritated
caa AnimFaceArchetypeMayor
caa AnimFaceArchetypeNervous
caa AnimFaceArchetypeNeutral
caa AnimFaceArchetypePiper
caa AnimFaceArchetypePlayer
caa AnimFaceArchetypePleading
caa AnimFaceArchetypePreston
caa AnimFaceArchetypePuzzled
caa AnimFaceArchetypeQuestion
caa AnimFaceArchetypeRelieved
caa AnimFaceArchetypeSad
caa AnimFaceArchetypeSarcastic
caa AnimFaceArchetypeSinisterSmile
caa AnimFaceArchetypeSomber
caa AnimFaceArchetypeStern
caa AnimFaceArchetypeSturges
caa AnimFaceArchetypeSurprised
caa AnimFaceArchetypeSuspicious
caa AnimFaceArchetypeThinking
caa AnimFaceArchetypeTired
caa AnimFaceArchetypeVaultTecRep
caa AnimFaceArchetypeWorried




demo videos



Vid1  Vid11
Vid2  Vid12
Vid3  Vid13
Vid4  Vid14
Vid5  Vid15





Download and extract the archive to Fallout 4 directory
or use your prefered download manager.



extract and override


! Manually Installation is Recommended !




ShadeAnimator - FO4 animation kit, and documentation.
MaikCG - F4Biped animation rig
caliente - CBBE
Leito86 - EVB
Vader666 - metadata Instruction (Thanks)
davethedrunk - tutorials


DO NOT Redistribute on Other Sites Forums Blogs etc. except here on http://loverslab.com/

-Follow and Respect This site Rules-


What's New in Version V4.6


  • V1:
  • added missing files.
  • V2:
  • added three new paired animations.
  • added sounds. (weird though)
  • mouth open.
  • V2.5:
  • added two new solo animations.
  • edited male penis.
  • V3:
  • added three new paired animations.
  • added equipable Male body
  • settlers can now be assigned to the rugs 24hrs
  • added fake tongue
  • added couch (for M couch Position)
  • V4:
  • added three new paired animations.
  • added description for placement in workshop menu
  • addden better animation for Female Couch
  • edited ssFloor texture
  • added A_SS Male Body 2
  • V4.1
  • added lesbi69
  • V4.5 (no sounds)
  • added 13 new animations
  • only female can now use the female rugs
  • moved the constructible rugs to special menu
  • V4.6  [10-jan-18]
  • fixed 04 Fridding and added fake squirt
  • added equippable condom