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About This File

This mod adds some simple one-liners from popular action movies as shouts.


the purpose is simply for fun, to tell a bandit "yippee ka yay motherfucker" right before you smash thier head in, or kill tullius or ulfric and tell them "there can be only one".


of course the ever popular "consider that a divorce" after killing your spouce.


Find Doc Brown's lost satchel with the movie scripts outside Embershed Mine, by the wood piles.


NOTE: "toga toga" doesn't work, if I didn't release it now I would sit on it for another month. I intend to fix that and add more, ghostbusters and roadhouse and some others.


Sylvester Stallone
Aronold Schwarzenegger
Bruce Willis
Samuel L Jackson
Jessie Ventura
Optimus prime
First sergeant Duke
John belushi
Connor mcleaud
Mark Hamil, the one true joker
Harrison ford
Sigourney weaver
John Connors mom
Sho' Nuff!
Flash Gordon
Clint Eastwood
Al pachino
Wesley snipes
Kim from the L word (as Jackie brown)
The chick who plays hit girl
King leonidas
Russel Crowe
Patrick Bateman
Charlton heston
Indigo Montoya
Sean Connery
​Michael Buffer
Linda Hamilton
​Dr. Venkman (aka bill murray)
He Man
​Uma Thurman
George Peppard
If I missed anyone credit to them too.

What's New in Version Version 1981


  • Added 8 New One-Liners and designated female voices with an (f) on the book title.
  • 1- Terminator 2- Hasta La vista baby
  • 2- terminator 2- youre terminate fucker, sarah connor
  • 3- added Michael buffer "lllllllets get ready to rummbllle"
  • 4- Roadhouse- "its my way or the high way"
  • 5- ghostbusters- "we came we saw we kicked its ass"
  • 6- A team (tv) "I love it when a plan comes together
  • 7- Kill bill v2 the bride, "Bitch, you don't have a future"
  • 8- He Man cartoon "I have the power".