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Survival Gear Redux v1.1




This mod is an updated and extended version of the original Survival Gear mod by Onigirl. The meshes have been cleaned up and expanded, alongside other changes.


It adds two sets of modern-style adventurer clothing (in the style of pre-reboot Tomb Raider) for males and females. The sets are modular, and they include several different pieces that can be equipped separately. These are: top/shirt, shorts, boots, gloves, belt, equipment/straps, and goggles. The tops are available in green, black, blue and red variants, the shorts come in green, black, and tan; and the boots come in brown and black.


The outfit is built for the standard UNP shape and for the SOS standard (non-Bodybuilder) body. The included female body is the UUNP Special one, so the HDT-enabled anatomy included in the Special body will be present whenever a female character equips the top without equipping any of the pants, and will remain functional during SL scenes or similar situations as long as you have a proper HDT setup in your game already. The outfit is set to "Revealing" for SOS as well, so male characters will keep their schlong visible as long as no pants are equipped, even when wearing any of the tops. (This is shown on the last pictures of the download page).


The full set has the same stats as the vanilla Glass armor, minus the helmet. The top + bottom combined add up to the cuirass rating (with the top having more armor than the shorts), while boots and gloves have the exact same value as the vanilla glass pieces. The items are tagged as "ArmorMaterialLeather", and will use that reference for any perk that requires a full or matching set. The extra pieces like goggles or belt are tagged as clothing and don't have any armor rating. Items which do have armor can be improved at any workbench.


To get the items ingame, you have three options: 1) using AddItemMenu, 2) crafting the gear at the forge (requires iron and leather as well as the Steel Smithing perk), or 3) using the console to find and add them manually ("help survival").


There are two versions of the mod available: one for Yiffy Age of Skyrim (as can be seen on the images) and another one for Vanilla race setups. The only difference between them is the plugin file and the settings for the gloves and goggles; the actual meshes/textures are the same. Still, you should only download whatever version suits you depending on whether you use YA or not. Otherwise, you will get bugs like humans getting clawed hands and floating goggles or beast races missing their claws and using human meshes for the goggles.




--- XPMSE or any similar skeleton.
--- Any UNP compatible body and textures. UUNP Special-compatible textures are strongly recommended; the mod can be used without them, but the extra bits included in the body will be untextured when wearing any of the tops without the shorts.
--- SOS - Schlongs of Skyrim.*


*-> Note that while SOS is not a harcoded requirement and the mod will work without it, the male version of the outfit will probably not work as intended. So, SOS is strongly recommended unless you only intend to use the items on female characters.


Known Issues:


--- The pants may look a bit weird on males, and deformation is not perfect, which could cause clipping and similar bugs. I may replace the mesh with a more suitable one should I come across anything that may fit the set.


--- Let me know if you come across any issues and i will do my best to fix them as soon as possible.


Future Plans:


--- Potentially adding more color options for top and shorts, as they are relatively easy to add and there are several retextures of the Simply Clothes floating around.






--- Separated the mod into two versions: Vanilla and Yiffy Age.
--- Vanilla version: replaced the clawed/beast hands with human ones and assigned the proper human meshes for the goggles (Khajiit still use their own fitting meshes).
--- Yiffy Age version: fixed the data for the goggles to point to fitting beast meshes for Orcs.




--- Added two new color options for the top (blue and red) and one for the shorts (tan).


V1.0b Hotfix
--- Fixed some rogue arm weights on the male top and equipment that would cause them to distort and follow the arm when they shouldn't.


--- Initial Release.





Onigirl for the original Survival Gear.
Petrovich for UNP Simply Clothes.
Derok and Didact2401 for Better Claws and Gauntlets.
BadDog for the hand meshes from Yiffy Age of Skyrim.
Caliente, Ousnius and others for Bodyslide and the UUNP Special body.


Note: according to permissions, everything here should be fine, but if any author wants me to remove their assets from this file for some reason or to edit the credit section, just let me know and I will comply as soon as possible.

What's New in Version 1.1


  • --- Separated the mod into two versions: Vanilla and Yiffy Age.
  • --- Vanilla version: replaced the clawed/beast hands with human ones and assigned the proper human meshes for the goggles (Khajiit still use their own fitting meshes).
  • --- Yiffy Age version: fixed the goggles data to point to fitting beast meshes for Orcs.

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