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About This File

Dying never felt so good.





This mod allows the player to die, and have NPCs and, optionally, creatures perform henious sex acts on their corpse. Simple, right?


There's also configurable options in an MCM menu, so you can specify scenarios to your liking.





Make sure to follow the file if you want to keep up to date with the latest versions of the mod.




Currently the mod's MCM options are set up for an audience that I'd expect. Note that these options are configurable.
Here they are listed in the order they're checked.





  • Mod is set as enabled (otherwise why bother to get this mod?)
  • Necrophilia chance is 50%. Hey, not every bad guy wants you, dead or alive, all the time ;P
  • Necrophilia will only happen if the enemies are out of combat.
  • Only NPCs will try to necro. No creatures. This is because there's really not a lot of creature necro anims, so if you enable this, expect to suddenly have your character be active in the animations it plays.
  • Only males will rape your corpse. This can be set to females only, or both genders if you want.
  • Only the immoral will rape your corpse. Can be set to both.
  • After that 50% check is passed, and IF YOU ENABLED CREATURE NECRO, there's a 50% chance that the necrophile will be a creature. This can be set to zero so that only creatures will rape you if there are no other valid NPC actors, and at no other time.
  • Multiple NPCs can necro you! There's a 30% chance it happens. You can set it to 0% for no multiples.


Other features that aren't MCM tweak-able

  • Free camera is toggled on sex start.




THIS MOD CAN BE TRANSLATED: It has the capabilities that allow for it to be translated!


You can upload those translations separately, and, if need be, fully reupload the mod with it, AS LONG AS YOU HAVE TO EDIT THE MOD ITSELF TO MAKE THE TRANSLATION (with the way i've made the mod, you shouldn't need to re-up it.)













Just slap that baby right into your favorite mod manager, and if you don't want to do that, just go ahead and install everything in the 7z file into your Data folder.


Don't worry, I won't tell anybody about your dark secret of feeding your masochism by not using Mod Organizer :P






Bruh, why so many options? There's SO MANY FOR SUCH A SPECIFIC FETISH!


Because FUCK that feeling when you find a mod that coooould have exactly what you want, but that shit ain't configurable, and you can't get exactly what you need. I hope that I have enough options to provide what people want.




1. That's not a question you cheeky cunt that's a request. 2. I'll consider it, IF you ask nicely :D




I have a bug to report



k, in the comments pls. describe what happened. Make sure you post your papy logs etc.





Papy logs? WTH is that?







Possible Future Features



We might see necrophiliacs comment on your corpse


We might see them move towards your corpse before they have sex


SexLab Arousal support


Multiple necro sessions after you die



Maybe do constant scanning so that every now and then after you died, so that actors may find your corpse and fuck it



And more, if suggestions are good



For now, I'm satisfied with the mod. I may come back and work on adding features later. For now, I'll probably only update the mod when there are bugs or major issues






Bethesda for Skyrim


Ashal and friends for SexLab


SKSE's creators



FunnyBiz for dem anims



Goubo, for SexLab Defeat, as I probably wouldn't have known where to start on making this mod without looking at their mod for solutions to solve some of my problems.

What's New in Version V.1.13


  • V.1.13
  • Fixed another full actor array bug
  • v1.12
  • Fixed full list of actors not starting sex when group animations are disabled or not chosen.
  • V.1.11
  • Fixed 10 actors from stopping necro on the player.
  • v 1.1
  • Made sure everybody who was found in the scan get's calmed through a faction.
  • increased the time that it takes the game to reload a save after the player dies.
  • Added free cam on death so you can properly watch the sex.
  • v.1
  • The mod.

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