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BLH's Animations



Dave's Pose Template mod






A few important notes:


They aren't insanely long - average of 30 seconds if I had to guess - but, they all loop perfectly and are meant to look good looping for extended periods.


They are also soundless animations.


I believe this is only for CBBE users. This is a consistent problem for any pose/animation, not just mine. They'll have clipping of the lower and upper leg in the knee area for some animations that share a certain pose. As well as awkward shaking of the lower legs which appears to be a product of this problem. I'll look into this more soon. Also noticing other problems related to CBBE, including a very odd straight bum (no curve in middle) with the naked body and certain clothing items. Some clothes will be fit properly which fixes some problems but not all of them (in particular the knee clipping is very persistent). Please give me some time to find a permanent fix for this problem, it bugs me very much and I assure you there will be a fix for it in time. There are more important things to figure out first though.


These are the .hkx files that animations use for fallout 4. You will first need to use

Daves Pose Template mod created by DaveTheDrunk, to make a gun that - when shot at an NPC - will make a menu pop up to pick which animation they will perform. Also a ring to trigger the animation on yourself. Amazing mod that made me decide to create this. It works the same way as DaveTheDrunk's popular Dave's Poses mod, but they work together with zero conflict.


Download the first file choice from DaveTheDrunk's "Daves Pose Template" mod (Dave's Pose Template v 1.0)(dont worry about it saying it requires F4Biped Animation Rig, that isnt required when using his template to apply my animations to the game). Then use my animations (the posexx.hkx files) to replace his using the same name and location. Then simply load up your game. The gun is called "pose NPC gun" and ring is called "pose template ring", both found under utility at chemistry station.


They are named pose2.hkx to pose76.hkx, as that is what is required for Daves Pose Template mod. I left the first 1 out of my 76 animations because I have a different MA's animation using that slot.


The two of them that float above the ground are meant to be used with double beds (available from many different mods) - very close fit still for normal vanilla beds - and you should use the console command "tcl" with no target selected so that they don't float above the bed. One is also meant to have an object placed between the arms so the NPC can't move ( you'll know when you see it :> ).






Small things Ive noticed:


Im assuming these things are universal for any animation.


"You wont pose from use of the ring if weapons are drawn, so put away your weapons." (Thank you to Thevious for this tip, appreciated)


The rig I use in 3ds max seems to be about right in the middle of the body scale triangle in appearance menu (weight/muscle i think it is), I use bottom left most settings (tiniest) in game and have noticed everything stays relatively the same still other then a slight deviation of the hand/fingers in relation to their intended position. Since I cant account for what options everyone uses without having to remake all animations for different styles of body scale options, you may want to (if you're a perfectionist like me) play with the weight of your player, or the NPC you want to trigger the animation on, until you find where there's no clipping or unintended distancing of the hand from the body part its supposed to be interacting with. **Lately I made a few fit to the tiniest settings on the body weight scale (CBBE, im assuming vanilla/EVB/JB are very very similar). The rest are centered on the triangle.


This seems to apply only to companions; they turn their head/body in the direction you walk to when youre close to them. This will completely change the pose of their animation and cause slight clipping in most cases once youre at a more excessive diagonal angle to them.


Lastly, I usually use very small melee weapons, so i just recently noticed that the animations of the arm will make larger weapons in it act pretty bonkers. Small melee weapons will help fix this. Invisible weapons can really solve this problem (check out

Bernt's Invisible Knuckles).








davethedrunk from Nexus:

I never thought Id be able to figure out animating and getting those animations into fallout 4. DaveTheDrunk's release of his Dave's Poses mod inspired to give it a try, but it didnt go well.


After a LOT of frustration and failure, I decided to ask him for help. Any time I had a problem (there was lots of them) he'd help me solve it instantly. Without his video tutorials and guidance I most likely wouldn't have been able to open the animation software.


Him creating the Dave's Pose Template mod is the reason I was able to actually apply the created animations to the game (even create them in the correct format using his tutorials). Nothing about this mod would be possible without him.


Crazy6987 from LL:

The rug version would not be possible in any way if it wasn't for Crazy6987. He was doing this type of mod way before me and not only has the talent in animating but his skill in modding is also miles ahead of mine. I asked if I could use his mod as a template and he gave me all the tools I needed to create the assignable furniture version of this mod.


Everything about the rug version of my mod is possible only because of him. From the file structure to the exit idle animation used, its 100% his work and I simply copied him. Even in copying the complex structure he's applied to his mod, I would've never got it working, without very detailed guidance from him, in order to get AnimationTextData files to work properly. Please show your appreciation to his mod on LL it's still revolutionary - way after release - and truly deserves the recognition. I also made sure our two mods are 100% compatible so you can use the rug version of both of our mods if you'd like.


Thank you to;

ShadeAnimator for Fallout 4 Animation Kit (F4AK)
MaikCG for F4Biped Animation Rig


Thank you, hope you enjoy.