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There is probably a few people who's aware that mods like Schlongs of Skyrim actually has room for up to 10 custom animations, with the filenames ranging from "SOSCustom00" to "SOSCustom09". And as someone who may have a deeper ideal for detail at times and who sometimes likes to zoom in on the rear of the NPC who's pounding the Dovahkiin or vice versa, I always wanted to implement some kind of animation where the actor actually pumps out their seed; like the balls pulling up, twitching, as well as the schlong explicitly throbbing with every spurt.


This simple but lewd animation was made from scratch in Blender, using the LE version of SOS's skeleton files as a base. And I've implemented this animation to play along with Sexlab by editing the sslActorAlias script and provided some compatibitly patches upon request.


A small warning/heads-up; is that the balls probably won't animate or be nearly as noticeable if you play with mods that enable CBPC physics for schlongs... But it did work for me because I had BHUNP 3BBB installed, with the default, non-exaggerated option for schlong physics enabled.


Hard requirement:
- Schlongs of Skyrim LE/ SE (Or the lite counterparts. Should work with SkyFurry or SAM as well)
- Also supports The New Gentleman


Open Animation Replacer (SE version only, sadly. It would've been nice if at least DAR also supported animations located in the Auxbones folder)



Supported mods:

- Sexlab LE v1.62
- Sexlab SE v1.63
- Sexlab AE v1.66


- Sexlab Separate Orgasm v2023-01-16
- Sexlab Utility Plus v2023-10-03 v2023-12-30  *NEW*
- Sexlab PPlus v1.8.2.3 *NEW*

- Now also comes with script edits based on this patch collection for Improved Camera


OStim Standalone



Recommended mods:

Cumshot (for obvious reasons)




Just download the fomod installer, install- and choose the options based on which game/mod versions you have, in a mod-managing program like Vortex or MO2.



Juicy preview...







Edited by TealEri

What's New in Version 2.2


The new file I'm posting is mostly courtesy of OsmelMG, who instead edited the Cumshot script for me as an alternative to the numerous edits I had previously made to the script of every version of SexLab I could come across at the time. I haven't tested this file they sent me, I just repacked it into a FOMOD installer similar to my original modification. I haven't had enough time and interest in playing around with adult mods for the last several months.

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