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Statue of Malakath. I was try to make it close to the original. This is not a replacer but stansalone statue near the Largashbur orc fortress. Yes i know about sword in original statue but on my taste Volendrung looks better :)




Video Demo


1. Hi poly + 4k textures
2 Navmeshed
3. Collisions

4. Where to find it? - Largashbur

Thanks to my patrons for supporting my decision to make this mod available to everyone. And for supporting my work.


I'm sorry for writing about this here, but I'm already sick of it.


Some in private messages or even here in the comments express theyr dissapointment about my Patreon page or paid mods. I live in a country where there is a war. Donating to Patreon and PayPal is my only way to feed my family with two children and pay my bills, pay the banks interest on credit cards and allocate at least some personal funds to support my brothers and sisters in arms at the front and in hospitals.


For those who still want to make me another ironic remark about paid content - think again before writing and God forbid you end up in my situation.


To one particularly active critic of the paidness of my mods: my “huge” income from Patreon rarely exceeds $600. I can show you a screenshot of the chronology of money withdrawal to you personally. Try to survive on this amount in my situation, provided that the prices for everything are 3 times higher than in Europe. And also help others at the same time.


So...sorry about that shit...



If you like my works you always can support me on Patreon or with PayPal donation (gunstb@gmail.com)

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