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About This File

About This File

Shadowman2777 & Peter Griffin proudly present:


My Sister from MILFS!


VIDEO PREVIEW: https://streamable.com/ksuzcr



Featuring ~500 lines of dialogue and jam packed with fun things! This mod was once "my friend's spoiled sister" but every single line has been carefully rewritten (except for the one legendary line that started it all) and hundreds more have been added.


A hint of her original personality remains - she loves the perks of being the Dragonborn's sister - but she loves you more and doesn't plan to let you forget it any time soon. All pre-existing features have been re-tooled and many new ones have been added!




- An introduction scene.

- A last name (Dovahkiir, easily changed)

- Immersive dialogue menu options.

- All the usual follower dialogue (idles, combat, etc). But a lot more variety than usual. 

- Discussing her mood.

- Drinking & chatting.

- A truly unique cooking mechanic (animations only, for now).

- Receiving gifts (gold only, for now).

- Singing for you (just not that one song, please!)

- Getting her ass kissed (quite literally).

- Commentary for when you are naked/having sex.

- Dynamic responses to requests for sex acts.

- Occasionally when starting new conversations in certain locations (home, inn, etc), she will attempt to initiate sex.




- Nicki Follower from Farodadestin (she'll be waiting for you at Whiterun's stables).


- Sexlab or Ostim (with Simon Phil's patch).




- Butt kissing will only work properly with Shadowman's shout/animation.


- She'll sometimes reference Shadowman's maid.


- She'll often reference the rest of your family, but they are not required.


- She will not have voiced pregnancy awareness without MILFS.




With your favorite mod manager. Be sure plugin 'shadowman_entitledgirl' is enabled. Remember to run fnis/nemesis if you've added butt kissing.


A quick note from the author:


The goal of MILFS has always been to create a family in Skyrim with a (thin) veneer of verisimilitude that offers enough content to stay fresh during multiple playthroughs. The writing for Mom's next update is already done, and she has, believe it or not, more lines being added than this mod does altogether. Daughter will be shortly after with a focus on even more new features. But this update represents a large step in the general direction we're hoping to go, and we're eager for your feedback on how to reach our goal in the future.


All credit goes to Shadowman2777 who brought to life not only this mod, but the entire MILFS family. Words fail to express gratitude for his skill and tenacity. Many thanks to Alasta1r for help with dialogue, BalinBalls2 for help with recording, and to everyone who tested pre-release. 




- She looks nothing like the screenshots or preview video!


Diamond skin will make her face the right shape and KS hair 'desperate' will make it look right. Her full outfit is shown in the video preview (if you pause on inventory). From head to toe:


Omake glasses

COCO earrings

Farrah's necklace, top, and belly ring

Mizuryu pasties

Cosplay armband

St Louis thong

Jeweled Buttplug

Babydoll miniskirt

HaruHaru nails

Waitress garter

IceStorm Wedges

Nail polish


- Forget that, I'd like to use a different follower entirely.


This isn't as difficult as you might think and there will even be a picture guide eventually. The tricky part is getting that new follower to play nice with MILFS. We're working on that too.


- I like the follower actually, but I want to change her name to something else.


This takes 30 seconds. Boot up xedit, dismiss pop up, right click list, select none, fliter(search) for 'entitled' and select it, hit okay, hit the + to open tree for 'entitled', scroll to NPC (Actor), expand that, scroll down in right-hand column until you see 'FULL-Name'. Right click that and edit to whatever you like. Pics to follow. 


- Safe to install/update midgame?


This (and any other MILFS mod) should (probably) be safe unless otherwise noted. That said, please don't ever mess with a save you're not willing to lose. We can't help after the fact.


- What's the load order?


Just make sure this esp (entitled) loads after Nicki follower. LOOT should sort it. 

- Only for male PC? And, can she be mom/daughter/aunt/niece/etc instead?


Yes, this is and will always be for a male PC. Anything else would be a new mod from scratch. Please let us know if that's something you're interested in doing yourself and we're more than happy to help. Also, your sister will always be your sister. You already have a mom and daughter, and if you want more relatives, we're more than happy to help (if you're interested in doing it yourself). 


I use something other than SexLab/Ostim - will it work?


There's a chance, no harm in trying, but the scripts will likely get stuck trying to start scenes.


- What's so unique about her cooking?


She is moody, and a terrible cook. So when you ask her to cook, she may not be in the mood. And even if she is, she might not make you something edible. 


- I'm curious about this dynamic sex response business.


Not unlike her cooking, you can ask her to fool around and she may or may not be in the mood. And just because she's in the mood doesn't mean she'll necessarily agree to the specific activity you had in mind. 


- ...she will initiate sex sometimes?


Yes, once or twice a week she will recognize your location and ask you to fool around with location-based dialogue. Sometimes suggesting specific acts or positions. Of course, you'll always be able to turn her down. But you'll also always have to actively talk to her for her to ask. She's your sister after all, she won't just walk up to you and hand it out like candy.


- Obviously, I would like to wife/knock her up.


The vanilla marriage dialogue isn't voiced, but people have reported the vanilla marriage mechanic works just fine. She has 100% integration with fertility mode and tons of dialogue awareness, but only with MILFS.


- It's not working at all, this broke my game


Unlikely. Try enabling 'just' the follower mod & this and there's no reason that shouldn't work. You can troubleshoot from there, or post about it here. 


- Something specific isn't working


It's a first-ish release and we're eager for feedback. Please just be specific about what's wrong and provide as much detail as possible. 'Doesn't work' doesn't help us fix your problem. 


- Can you add/do/change xyz?


Maybe! And it never hurts to ask. 


Thank you and enjoy MILFS!

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