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About This File

Hey everyone. Did you guy's ever get frustrated with Riften's performance when it comes to framerate? I did and that's why i have made this little mod. This mod tries to do what a very popular mod for Fallout nv did. Removing unneeded things that are never really visible and cause lots of lag on top of that. Currently it only removes the leaves lying on the ground. It seems to have increased performance for me a bit but if you find any more things that can safely be removed without causing weardness please tell me.


New version added: Currently there are no more leaves on the floor, no dead bushes, removed one kind of fallbush (red ones), removed kelp and mist in the canals.


Another new version added this time cleaned through tesvedit as a request to someone in the forum. You never know. For conveniences sake i also removed my two older files, so there is now only one file in the downloads section.


As this is a very lightweight mod so i didn't feel the need to add pictures. It doesn't need any weard stuff right now except Skyrim. So if someone has any trouble walking around in riften please try this mod if you want.


I hope this helps for someone.
If it does let me know.


And again if you have any ideas of what could be removed please let me know.


Have fun and i hope it works for you.

What's New in Version 0.3


  • 0.1 First upload with leaves only.
  • 0.2 Upload without leaves, one kind of shrubs, no fog and kelp (underwater)
  • 0.3 According to some people the file had a lot of dirty edits. This has now been solved. Note that for conveniences sake there is now only ONE file. If you still use the older ones, i strongly urge you the new one as the other ones might cause bloating (again NOT sure about this but you never know)

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