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Introducing The Small mod Playboy


Today im introducing a small mod i have been working on for a couple days now its not big right now but i want to continue adding more to it but here is what it all has right now


-Trait PlayGirls


-Social Interactions

-Personal Pie meues


Social interactions and what they do

-Whoo Hoo talk(gives a buff to it when you talk to another sim)

-Embarrassed(you will Pee Yourself)

I plan on adding more to it witch will require WW to be in your mods folder.


Future Plans

-More intense interactions

-WW functionality

-More traits for men

-Social activity for the WW reference

-Active Job giving you a chance to live the life of a Playgirl or Playboy


That is all for now i hope you enjoy let me know of anything else you want me to add to it or ethier a mod request you want to see i can try and make it happen for you im up to do any mod thank you


Social Sites


Patreon-  https://www.patreon.com/JoshSimmer12

Edited by sexybeast12162

What's New in Version 1.0.0   See changelog





-Fix for Exception

-Added traits from Cas to In game in there own menu

-Small fixes

-Changed the Social Interactions

-PlayBoy has own interactions

-Playgirl has own interactions

-Changed Phone Menu and Interactions


Whats to come

-I want to add speacial interactions for both traits

-Computer interactions

-Better phone interactions

-Social event for a Phone interaction


Social Sites



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