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堕落戴查 (Corruption Drycha) 1.54

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Added a series of corrupt events, corrupt buildings, and unique heroes to Drycha, To initiate the corruption incident, Drycha personally engaged in a battle with the Festus and Kugas factions. When the Corruption reaches a certain stage, It will allow you to recruit Nurgle troops with a probability and provide strong corrosion adaptation, And the unique hero corruption Ariel.The final stage of corruption requires the build of unique scale oak of nurgle in the era of oak of ages.

Without localized translation, text loss occur in English environments.






This Mod has taken a lot of effort from me and is still constantly being updated. If you like my Mod and are willing to treat me to a cup of coffee, I would be very happy❤️



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What's New in Version 1.54


Canceled mercenary recruitment for nurgle unit, Modified to provide recruitment for nurgle units by oak of nurgle.
When obtaining the corruption Ariel, Will permanently kill the original Ariel.



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I love your mod. Please make more if you have free time. Thank you very much.

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Относительно мало контента, но тот, что есть, хоть и имеет некоторые противоречия, в целом, неплох... Но контента всё ещё очень мало!! 😠


(Для русскоязычного описания)

Что тут есть? 

3 модельки: 1 лорд и 2 стадии героя.

Порядка 5-7 событий с развращением Ариэль (и чуть самой Дричи в самом начале).


Чтобы запустить цепочку квестов, вы должны выиграть\проиграть любой бой с основными фракциями Нургла (Либо Фестут, либо Кугат), при этом армия должна возглавляться самой Дричей.


И ещё, в Русской\Английской версии текст этого мода тупо не будет показываться, поэтому надо в настройках поменять язык на китайский.

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Flying Katz

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This mod is super cool. The models are amazing and the mechanics are very nice. Its great that its an optional corruption too, so if you don't wanna go that route then just don't. only issue for now at least is it isn't in English so a lot of the txt is just missing. still works as intended though. just involves some guesswork as an English only speaker.

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Kyummoku Zanki

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挺好的 挺有意思 
刚被开视野就被传了一堆瘟疫 再加上纳垢腐蚀  秩序已经原地飞天了 阿巴阿巴阿巴 

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