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Maria Eden - a forced prostitution and slavery mod


This mod often gets fuzzy because it allows to bind every NPC into complex quests - even those who are part of other running quests.

If you keep this in mind and avoid NPCs with running quests everything becomes more stable.

For me it is easier to add some cheat and escape options than to figure out in which quests and scenes a NPC is bound. Especially since Papyrus functions like NPC::GetCurrentScene() doesn't work reliable.

Don't play ME if you want to follow any vanilla quest - my intention with ME is just having a kind of unique BDSM experience. Have some funny moments with ME but disable ME if you really want to play Skyrim...

Interoperability with other Mods is not the main focus of ME. I want you to be part of a freak show full of submission and humiliation - like a movie where you can be one of the actors. Instead of spending much time in fixing interoperability issues I prefer spending time in new scenes.

Maria Eden 2.5 guide

About this mod

Maria Eden is out for years now and there where several restarts. MariaEden 1 was pretty much focussed on slavery and MariaEden 2 a mixture of prostitution and slavery.

During the ZAP/DD war I decided to do a third restart and developed a very complex version that never comes to public.

But this third restart was still based on the code base of ME 1 and I reached a point where the CK compiler environment stopped working properly.

I decided again for another restart with a new code base and a completely new architecture that is very much similar to the vanilla coding styles. This is the present and a lot of quests where dropped because today I know so much more about CK and its limits.

The new approach focusses much more on hard prostitution and tries to fit better into the vanilla world.

But be aware - this is still a Maria Eden mod - it still provides a very own and unique view into BDSM in Skyrim and it still take no care about other BDSM mods.


Maria Eden consists of a couple mods

Although this document is English currently ME is completely German and voices are German. It will be translated soon but wihtout voice.

No Maria mod comes with a configuration menu. The managers have in game menus and everything else has to be configured by game play or by editing the json files.

It integrates deeply into vanilla Skyrim so it is recommended to use it in a separate profile and to start a new game. Use MariaQuickstart to skip the standard intro.


Almost finished. Base mod for all Maria mods - contains the game mechanics. This mod itself provides no quests that can be used by players - it is a base for modding.

Nevertheless even for normal Players it provides a lot of functions that allows to customize your personal BDSM experiences as much as no other mod does.

If you use it alone it will not have a big impact on other mods but it provides a handy swiss knife for your visit to Skyrim - with or without BDSM.

The Managers

  • ActorManager - manages NPCs (Outfits, Parameters)
  • LocationManager - manages location (teleport locations)
  • CheatManager - manages quest cheats
  • OutfitManager - manages outfits
  • RestraintsManager - manages restraints (Default restraints, add ZAZ keywords to certain DD devices)
  • AnimationManager - manages poses and animations
  • Sexlab AnimationManager - manages sexlab animations (tagged based search, favorites)

The Tools:

  • ActorEditor - modifies actor parameters like factions, spells
  • Startup Framework - starts ZAP, Sexlab and SLAL
  • Dealing with HighHeel effects in furnitures.

Basic quests:

  • Rape
  • Sleep
  • Escort (leash mode)
  • Punishment
  • Dog follower (if Sexlab creatures is enabled) - you can talk to your dog and give some basic instructions
  • Spectators
  • Random Guests


  • SexLab
  • DD Assets
  • ZAP 7
  • BDSMMechanics
  • Soft dependency to Slave Tats - Slave Tats can be parts of outfits.

MariaBase configuration

All settings in MariaEden are permanent so I decided to not creating MCM. You configure MariaEden in 3 ways: Per editing the configuration json files, per in game menus and per game play.

Configuration files

All files are store in Data\SKSE\Plugins\StorageUtilData

  • MariaAnimationTests.json - list of animation events that can be called from animation manager. Use this to test new animations and poses from other mods
  • MariaCustomLocations.json - this is managed by the location manager - you should not touch it manually
  • MariaDefaults.json - some default settings like standard collar for Maria Eden slavery. Managed by restraints manger and shall not be touched manually/li>
  • MariaHotkeys.json - Hotkey configuration, hotkeys for the most common functions. Visit the CK Homepage for available key codes.
  • MariaIdles.json - Hotkeys for user defined poses. Managed by animation manager.
  • MariaManagerConfig.json - configuration for actor manager, contains a list of actor values for manual value mainpulation.
  • MariaSexlabPatches.json - patches some tags into common SLAL animation for better bondage sex detection
  • MariaWhoringPrices.json - define the base prices to whore jobs.
  • folder MariaNPCOutfits - Storage for outfits, managed by the outfit manager. A lot of presets are defined but you shall better delete them all and define your own ones. You can see the mod dependencies in the json files.
  • folder MariaNPCs - Storage managed NPCs. Managed by the NPC manager. It basically contains custom outfits and allows to quickly refer to these NPCs.


Subject for deletion. For historical reasons this mod contains glue code to allow creating devices and locations without Maria dependencies.

This mod will be dropped and removed in near future. I do not longer want to adjust BDSM equipment until it fits into teh Maria Eden quests. I will focus on stories and let the mechanics in the hands of ZAP/DD.


  • SexLab
  • ZAP 7


Finished. Skips the classic Skyrim intro. The player spawns in a small cell with a starter pack. There is a door that leads to a couple of locations including the ones the player defined himself with the MariaBase location manager

If you want to jump right into action you should give this mod a try - it does somthing similar like the popular "Alternate Start - Live Another Life" in a very different way.


  • Skyrim
  • MariaBase


Places ZAP furnitures, cages and position markers in the vanilla Skyrim world

The intention is to place them very cautious where they never affects any vanilla quest

Certain Maria quests make use of these devices, cages and markers without hard dependencies

After a very long and intensive research phase it turned out that it is impossible to use vanilla locations and cages without some helper markers. Adding these (invisible) markers is main intention

I decided to stay with ZAP 7 since the hugh amount of FNIS animations slots in ZAP 8 leads to constant crashes in my setup.


  • Skyrim
  • ZAP 7


WIP. The first big quest mod on top of MariaBase. It provides soft and hard prostitution and is intend to be played as female character. Everything is fully voiced (German). It has a very big impact on gameplay and will most likely collide with all other slavery mods.

The atmosphere is hard, inexorable, hostile to women and extremely dense - but you need to understand German to get the full impression.

The Middle Ages were not a time for a walk in the park, especially not for women.

However - you can use it to earn money with Sex but you will end up as a pimped out whore very fast.


  • Deep integration of prostitution and slavery in the Vanilla world
  • Whore jobs - earn money with Sex
  • Complex payment system that calculates the prices based on many factors, some of them are configurable, some can be influenced by game play.
  • You can offer yourself or people asking you if you are wearing a special outfit
  • Complex payment system that calculates the prices on many factors
  • Innkeepers accepts prostitution if you offer them a cut
  • HighHeels are slowing you down - you cant run in HighHeels


You will be identified and treated as a slave if you are wearing a ZAP or DD collar.

The effects of slavery:

  • Merchants won't sell things to you
  • You can't rent a room
  • People talk disparagingly to you and are unkind and dismissive
  • Your Johns are more brutal and pay poorly, they don't accept cancelling a job
  • If you talk to your follower or a managed NPC (MariaBase) ActorManager you will likely become their slave whore
  • As a slave whore your pimp take all your money and will never set you free


You can whore yourself out everywhere. In taverns the inkeepers only accept whoring if you offer them a cut and the Johns paying to the innkeeper. You have to ask them for your cut.

You being identified as a whore if you wear a whore outfit (MariaBase outfit manager). Your previous Johns knows your status whatever you wearing. If you are walking around naked some people think you are whoring yourself out.

The effects of whoring:

  • Merchants only trade with you after a free job.
  • Most women talk disparagingly about you.
  • Children avoid you.
  • Guards never pay for Sex.
  • Men giving vulgar comments.


Follower and managed NPC can become your pimp by dialog. Managed NPCs can become you pimp by encounters when you are wearing a slave collar or a whore outfit. Bandits might become your pimp after you finshed a whore job.

There are two levels of pimps - you can become a slave whore and this means that your pimp take all your money an never set you free.

In certain locations (towns, citties, taverns, camps) the pimp is taking over the control over you:

  • He is whoring you out between 10:00 and 22:00
  • He offers you to potential Johns
  • He is handling the payment
  • He gives you special jobs like home visits
  • In solitude he takes you to the tailor if you earned 500 septims to buy a whore outfit for you
  • He takes you to the tavern during lunch time (12:00 - 14:00)
  • He takes you to the tavern during evening (20:00 - 08:00)
  • He goes sleeping in the tavern at 00:00 and locks you up
  • He demands 500 septims from a normal whore
  • He punishes you of you don't earn the demanded amount
  • He punishes you if you rejects Johns
  • He punishes you if you do a bad job to your Johns
  • If creature sex is enabled he forces you to some trainings
  • If creature sex is enabled he acquires a dog follower for you

The only way to get rid of your pimp is killing him (for slave whores), earning enough septims or the cheat menu.


  • MariaBase


Pretty much WIP. Collection of bigger quests. MariaProstituion can trigger these quests.


  • Breaking in the whore by a horde of bandits
  • Animal sex training (if enabled in Sexlab)


=== Thanks to


  • Bethesda for this grateful RPG
  • Ashal for SexLab and PapyrusUtils and many personal support
  • ZaZ for the Animation Pack
  • xaz for the Animation Pack and the many personal support
  • Zadil für Devious Devices
  • Tepi for many animations that makes you feel like a slave
  • CGi for the many personal support and his patience with me and my Papyrus startup
  • Heromaster for the many personal support
  • Mavia for her grateful msex Veronica, that has inspired me to create this mod
  • Ichabod for his grateful Player Slave Encounters, that has inspired me to create this mod
  • nameless701 for Building PonyTailClub,FoxClub and HouseOfBurden and for so many test reports
  • vpoteryaev for many bug reports
  • aaeryn and some forum guests for english translation
  • 11linda (freesound.org) for sound effects
  • and all the others, those resources and mods I use



=== Last words

  • I am pretty sure that I have forgotten so much - Maria Eden is a very complex mod. You will get surprisingly dialogue options everywhere and sometimes this leads to new adventures. Talk to NPCs, discover Maria Eden...


What's New in Version 2.5.1 WIP


Maria Eden Base history

Release 2.5.1

  • Check for NiOverride High Heels Fixes and skip own HH fixes in that case

Maria Eden Prostitution history

Release 1.07

  • Fix for broken blindfold removal after jobs
  • Simple Slavery Mode event support
  • Single whipping job enabled for female johns
  • Job dialogs shortened up
  • Some more humiliating dialogs

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