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Cum creame for RND, INeed 0.1.0

About This File


I don't know why, how and why I made this mod. 

this is my first mod, so please don't judge too harshly. 😊



one day I got tired of the fact that from the ingredients from baka you can only make potions, after deciding why it can't be used to cook food (since my female is overcrowded), I created this mod





need 3 cum human/beast for 1 portions soft/fat creame



soft creame - 100 health. RND little food, medium water

fat creame - 250 health. RND medium food, medium water



Textures and meshes took from the original game, on the fat troll (will be changed in the future). Mod as light as possible

Mod is tagged esl


I haven't tested it with Regular Edition, it might work



future plans

Make a mod for swallowing sperm after oral sex


creation of female clothing, replace of guard clothes

adding voice acting for PC Head Tracking



You can convert and change without permission (nothing to change yet) and distribute.


As a thank you, you can find an appropriate picture for the mod (preferably not hentai for realism).



this is the beginning of a little story. but big way Archaer

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