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Plumcitie Save file! Create sims to the save! 1.0.2

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About This File

Want to create a sim to this save? Then you can apply here!! (click the (here!!). 

Install all the add-ons



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What is this save file?

This save file is a magical place where your sims can have more gameplay and more fun!

Want to create sims to this save?

Enter in my discord and apply in ❲📋❳-apliccations channel!



Instructions (❁´◡`❁)

  • So for the save to work well you will have to install the cc and the required items. After you have done all this, click on download (green button and you must be registered)
  • Then install "Save Plumcitie.zip"
  • After you have done that you have to unzip the file and copy the file that were in the unzipped folder and then paste them in your saves folder!
  • Done! Now you enter the game and play with the save file!


CC DOWNLOAD!(Just choose 1)


           !Updated cc download(Just choose 1)


If the links doesn't work ,please, dm me!


This save is still being edited so don't worry!| Join my discord server so you can stay tuned for updates, addons and other cool stuff!

My discord server




For now there is no mod required :D


Highly recommended mods

Mc command center

Ui cheats extension

Wicked whims (+18)

Basemental drugs

More Holiday Icons

Relationship & Pregnancy Overhaul (aka WoHoo Wellness)


More Traits in CAS

Playable Pets

After Death Helper (conflits with mortem mod)

Recommended MODS

Mortem (If you want this mod don't install After Death Helper )

Organic hair

Self manicure mod

Romantic suprise porposal

Organic hair

Ultrasound Scan

Baby Defaults 2.0

Carl's Sims 4 Gameplay Overhaul Mod

Life Manager


lUUMIA Olivia Hair & Cheerleader Fit Set


What does this save adds?


  • Groups +30 (Some base game groups are in portuguese, im sorry, il fix it soon as possible).
  • Sims 
  • Holidays +10
  • More houses
  • New School for teens
  • Sims uniforms (With FASHION AUTHORITY mod)
  • Drug dealers
  • Cemetery lot
  • More gameplay
  • Better houses
  • Some better sims
  • Better students
  • More jobs
  • Not Mary Skies again mode! lol
  • Places to drug dealers 
  • Elementary School (with zerbu go to school mod only)
  • Improved some ugly sims







Is this the latest version of the save?

  • Of course not because there are still more custom sims in the save and also more mysteries!

Do I need to install said custom content?

  • Yes! Otherwise your game will be sh*t..

Do I have to pay for something on this save?

  • Of course not! I don't think saves are charged....

Do I have to install all the mods mentioned below?

  • No! Only the ones that are required! But if you want a cool experience, install some!

I don't want to play with +18 content what do I do?

  • Just don't install the AEP , Whicked whims and BB boobs mods!

Is this a 2º version of Suitt's save file? 

  • Yes and no, there are some townies that are from Suitt's and some buildings too!
Why did you deleted Suitt's save file?
Well I wasn't happy with some things in the save so I created another one!
Will we have mysteries in this save too?
  • Of course yes!




Want to make your savefile more fun? Then install an add-on for more cool stuff!


Grace Souce Add-on


Witchies and Fairies Add-on



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What's New in Version 1.0.2   See changelog


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