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About This File

A Woodelf corruption mod




This mod will be a full on corruption of the woodelves and at a later stage include its own rooster instead of just a Reskin of the units.

Units will also be more aligned to Slaanesh with abilities and stats.


What is already in it?


Reskins for:




  • Eternal Guard
  • Eternal Guard with shield
  • Wildwood Rangers +RoR
  • Wardancer + RoR
  • Bladesinger
  • Sisters of Thorn
  • Dryads + RoR
  • Malevolent Dryads




  • Branchwraithes
  • Spellsinger




  • Spellweaver


What will be coming later?


Reskins for all other Units.

Reskin for Heroes

Reskin for Lords

Reskin for Mounts




After this point the mod will split in two.

One version will be just the Reskin and will be done at this point.

The other version will make those units into their own adding them to the Sisters of Twilight rooster with their own abilities, stats and balanceing.



If you find any Bugs, have questions or suggestions you can just write them down for me.


Also a great thanks to Squiggy for doing a great amount of the Unit cards and helping me with quite a bit of work that way.









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What's New in Version 1.3.2   See changelog


Fixed bug of malovent branchwraiths missing legs.

User Feedback

hi, frist of all i really love ur work 😍

My problem is, after 50 turns of Sister of Twillight (Immortal Empire campaign), i just realize that this mod make my campaign play like Legend difficult. In the battle i can't no longer pause for "tactical order" xD, and my mini map is missing too (Realism battle unchecked already). After the battle finish, i don't have Rematch option, which should have in Very hard difficult. And the last thing is, i can't see the yellow-red-blue path after right click for move (both hero and lord on world map).

Thank for your hard work ❤️


Response from the author:

Hey after reading what you described i think this may be some other mod or mod loader that does this.

My mod is most of all just a fancy reskin and the only DB work that was done was for animations so no script or so should change or even influence the things you described.

But iam really glad to hear that you enjoy my mod so much ^_^

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conflit with dark elf female dreadlord. when i use this mod, dreadlord's head is disappear

Response from the author:

Thanks for letting me know about this. I fixed it and will role it out together with a few other things in an update today.

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