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NPC mounts (BETA) 1.0.0

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Changed the five purchasable horse from each Skyrim holds to human and made them ridable to an extend. 

Normally if you just try to ride a human npc by giving them the keyword Actortypehorse, you just end up controlling the npc while your PC learn how to levitate. This can be fix by adding a saddlebone to their skeleton, but if you try to added a saddlebone, the npc just end up in the ground. How did I fix all this?  I didn't

This mod basically cover up the fact both actor are using the horserider animation by making the mountnpc use a different animation through Dynamic Animation Replacer.

Why did I made this? Boredom and hoping someone see this and could do it better!


This mod should be compatible with almost anything that isn't immersive or convenience horse cause those mods mess with horse Ai. It does work really well with Dragonkiller Cart (https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/6521) though if you want them to pull a carriage( walking toggle is recommend)

Also don't make them follower, if you want one, just go into creation kits, choose your follower of choice and add Actortypehorse to their keyword list. Follower can mount npc mount if you have that type of mod install though it kinda buggy during dismount(disable and enable them to fix their ai).

NPC looks and body will be based on whatever mod you used. BeastRace currently don't work(I'm working on it, just got bored from this)



XP32 Skeleton extended

Dymanic Animation Replacer



Pick your gender M or F

Just install it with your favorite mod manager

Make sure it overwritten XP32 Skeletons as this mod modify male and female skeleton.nif


This mod is safe to remove whenever since it's just a replacer with no scripts involved, uncheck the mod with your mod manager or remove its content completely.

You might still have human npc instead of horse but just click on them in console and use this command Setrace Horserace


Bugs and Problems you might run into from my testing: 

DO NOT JUMP OR FALL as it's update the actor and making them realize they're not on a horse. If you do, just dismount. I don't think this can be fix since Skyrim Ai is strange.

I removed the dismounted animation as for the problems above so that you won't be stuck in midair and have to restart the game. Also now, the dismount will be a super fast dismount

When mounting, the npc will become an abomination of horror cause they are trying to fill a skeleton of a horse in said animation. This is easily fix if you change the sharekillmount file with another sharekill.hxk file, I didn't add one cause I'm still trying to figure out how to use blender.

You and the NPC might end up in the floor when you dismount, just jump and it will fix itself (disable and enable for the npc or just wait)

You can't mount an npc in certain interior space, side of a mountain or steep slope( PC will just freak out). Why? I have no clues if someone figure it out and fix it, please tell me cause you can if the mount is Tpose(I don't fully get it). Sometimes combat also make them unmountable, fast travel to somewhere like whiterun stable to fix it.



DarkAngel1265 for "the crawl on all four" mod and alhaquin for the conversion

XP32 skeleton, and Dynamic Animation Replacer


Tl:dr? It kinda work







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Interesting idea for a mod. Would consider using it if I was not so invested in other hoarse mods raping my chars. You or someone might have better reach if they could incorporate that one centaur mod.  If it were to say a way to make a slave a mount that would be interesting, A piggyback animation would be fun.


Personally i want some weird shit like from Masamune Shirow "Pieces 8" see below. WARNING weird horse men bestiality milking. 







Response from the author:

So you're asking for a centaur mount?  this kind of exist in the form of this https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/11231?tab=files

You can actually ride the centaur in Centaur se if you change one of the horse to them. Though personally I never got the mod to work (the centaur animation part, not the riding itself) :(


I think piggyback animation is possible but I kind of want a break from this mod since Skyrim AI is hurting my head, so you might have to wait for a while.

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