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Trico - Big Fluffy Voracious Guardian Werewolf Companion 1.1.1

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About This File

This mod adds a large but gentle demonic Guardian werewolf companion to Skyrim. His name is Trico, and he's clearly based on Trico from The Last Guardian. You will find him on the road east of Falkreath, just outside the tower where you encounter a Spriggan.


Do note that I have never played The Last Guardian myself (I don't even own a PS4), only seen a handful of gameplay videos before, and therefore I cannot say I know too much of the storyline or the lore. My boyfriend is a huge fan of that game tho. I don't blame him, Trico seems like a big sweetheart ^_^




-A unique set of models for Trico, he is fluffy and uses the Himalayan werewolf textures from Moonlight Tales SE, and has cyan blue, reversed Dremora horns. During nighttime, his eyes will glow, otherwise they are pitch black.

-Trico cannot be killed, and he levels up with the player, starting from level 10 and caps at level 100. He is unaggressive but will defend himself and the player during battle and will never flee.

-You can immediately make him follow you, or leave him hanging around at the spot. However, I haven't made him able to do favors for you, or let you trade with him. I wanted to keep his options quite lightweight. You can also ride him.

-Be warned, this mod is extremely soft vore-themed (the reason why I'm posting this mod in the Adult section), meaning that Trico also has a dialogue option to make him swallow the player whole and then make it seem like you're having control over him while you're inside his belly. In my opinion, these controls seem more convenient than the option to ride Trico. His model will even appear round or chubby at this time. Unlike regular werewolf gameplay, Trico cannot feed on corpses (which makes sense since he's already "full"). Friendly NPCs will not attack Trico on sight, which also means that attacking an NPC in this state will place a bounty on your head. Tapping the Shout button will make Trico perform a roar of fear like a normal werewolf, and holding down the Shout button will make him spit the player out. There is also a certain global that, when set to 1 in the console, the player will instead emerge from the other end, "full-tour" style. In general the whole ejection feature comes with gooey effects, also including a 5-minute spell that gets applied the player character, giving a 15-point penalty to Speechcraft but also slightly boosted Health/Stamina/Magicka regeneration. You cannot ask Trico to devour you again until the effect wears off.

-This mod implements a couple of new werewolf animations for when you're having control over Trico vore-style, with the help of Dynamic Animation Replacer. One animation where Trico will sometimes caress his bulging tummy, and another animation to make him appear to do his "business". Both of these animations are of amateur-level, I created them in 3DS Max and they're far from perfect.


-ANOTHER WARNING!! The way I scripted this mod may still be flawed or buggy. If anyone wants to help me improve this mod for better performance, I'd highly appreciate the help!! And please forgive me if you encounter any gamebreaking bugs, I wanna do my best to get rid of them.



Main video footage of this mod:

Full tour footage (watch at your own risk):





-This mod does NOT let you have sex with Trico and neither am I planning to implement that possibility, ever. Neither do I plan to give him explicit genitals, however, I did give him a textured "tailhole".

-I'm not planning to make Trico able to devour NPCs, because of how that would be complicated to script. Also, I'm not the fatal vore type so I am not going to make Trico digest the player character.

-This mod is for SSE only, until I feel like optimizing the whole thing for Oldrim. Now Oldrim compatible. In the Oldrim version, Trico isn't fluffy, I figured the game would probably run smoother without it.



Known issues:


-Sometimes Trico will just run up to enemies without attacking. This is known to occur for werewolf followers in general. Opening up the console, clicking on Trico and entering "Disable" followed by "Enable" during combat may temporarily fix this issue.

-Depending on which ENB you're running (and also depending on which time of day, or light setting), Trico's horns will sometimes appear green instead of blue.

-If you try to ride Trico right after loading a save, the game might crash. Try to wait for a little while, or activate Trico and choose the promt to talk to him then exit dialogue.

-Sometimes, nothing will happen when you choose to talk to him. Try to mount him to see if the issue will go away. And sometimes when you dismount Trico, you may get stuck in dialogue with him. Try to open up the console, click on him and enter "disable" and then "enable".

-If you're running Flying Mod Beta, don't try to ride him while you're both airborne. Trico will keep levitating upwards until the gravity glitches out and you both fall down to your death. (I actually only tested this for screenshotting purposes.)



Manual installation:

Manually download the file, open the archive in some zip program of your choice, drag-and-drop the Data folder into your Skyrim SE directory (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim Special Edition)

Enable the TricoWerewolfCompanion.esp plugin in a mod manager of your choice. Heads-up tho, the plugin is ESPFE.



Recommended mods:

-Smart No More Stupid Dog Comments (Trico is set to use the Dog voice type, and with this mod, friendly NPCs are less likely to call him a "stupid dog".)

-Animated Wings Ultimate (to give Trico his trademark feathered wings)

-No Follower Attack Collision (With this mod, from the point you make Trico follow you for the first time, you can never harm him.)

-True Directional Movement (So you can get a better view of Trico playing the DAR animation where he strokes his tummy when controlling him)



Credits to the following Nexus users:

-glamrockcat for Trico's base model

-Macxhiin for Trico's fluffy appearance

-fiszi for Trico's main textures

-gg77 because I took inspiration from their mod "Werewolf and CO - Mounts and Followers" and used one of the skeletons to make Trico rideable.






Edited by TealEri

What's New in Version 1.1.1


New update!! I managed to fix the shout not working by adding it's own words of power that get unlocked first time Trico swallows the player.

Now I've also converted for Oldrim.


Each time you update, be sure to do a clean save.

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