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LS_FemmeBot AsukaLangleyEvangelion Body 1.0.0

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About This File

LadySmoks and the crazies at Landgraab Industries "Super Secret Mad Science Division" present... FemmeBot Asuka Langley... version 2!


In researching pics I found what appears to be an older, more mature and battle worn Asuka, so I tried to make that version also.


This model is built on the Mi-A8 chassis, similar to Samus Aran FemmeBot.


I did what I could to duplicate her outfit from online pics. Some details may have been left out due to the limits of my abilities with both meshing and textures, but I think I captured the basics.


Same basic rules apply as other FemmeBots regarding use of Sim CAS for sliders and accessories. S-Club 3d eyelashes found either as accessory or in make up WORK! S-Club eyelash sliders strongly recommended.


This chassis is found in "Body" section of Bot CAS, accessed thru the bot station or Nraas Master Controller> Advanced> Edit In CAS, has 4 re-colorable channels, and comes in one preset. Everything shown as black or silver is an overlay and not re-colorable.


"No Bottom" is required.


NOTE: A VERY strange accident happened! When applying the multiplier, I used one I was making for a female Sim version. This image does not have a texture on the skin parts... well, the texture for Sim CAS skin was applied by the game! In other words, her body skin tone is NOT bot paint, and must be adjusted in Sim CAS!!!!


Unfortunately, this happy accident does not work on FemmeBot heads. My guess being that bots do not really have "heads", as the part is actually listed as "hair/ hat" in TSRW, s3oc and s3pe, despite fact that I postion face same as a regular Sim, EA does not see things that way.


As the head and body tones are separated by the torso, a perfect match is not that critical.

I hope you like her!!!


As always, the model shown is my model, and I will not be uploading her as a TS4 style "preset".


Credits: Sliders by One Euro Mutt
             Eyelashes by S-Club

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