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Well... Why not a form fitting Liquid Latex corset top with some straps, and a bunch of studs and laces up the back?


AND sexy leggings to match??? I couldn't think of a reason not to make them either... So I did!!!


This set is exactly what your YA/A Female Sim wants, and needs in her Dominatrix wardrobe! 

These are top and bottom, not an outfit! The top is in CAS "Tops", and the bottom is in CAS "Bottoms"! Both come in 3 color matched presets with 4 re-colorable channels (same base color as the booties), and are set in CAS for Everyday, Formalwear, Sleepwear, Swimwear, Athletic, MartialArts, Career, Outerwear and ValidForMaternity. 


Controlling small parts is a PITA, but I think the morphs work well, and the mesh holds up to using sliders, even slightly above EA basic ranges. Of course, using Nraas to increase slider range and then going crazy with your settings.........


Anyway, I hope you like them!!!

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