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NL4 U NPC 2 will change the appearance for all included NPC and also makes some non-appearance changes for some as well such as weight, outfit worn, raising level cap for some followers etc


These faces began when I decided not to use the many NPC mods that I normally used. This meant of course that I was back to original faces. If I wanted to change their appearance I could not use someone elses mod and had to make the change myself. Who would I change? What would they look like?
Part self challenge, Part fun and also it had been years since I had looked at their original faces so maybe part nostalgia. This mod is the result of that little adventure of mine


Suggested SKSE ini setting
iTintTextureResolution = 1024


The setting should match the resolution of the tintmasks you are using for your players face


Requires Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch






Modding is not a Competitive Sport:


Let me make this very clear since I am sharing this mod in a very crowded category. I did not make this to compete with, look better, or be more popular then other mods that cover any of these same NPC. So comments asking why I changed such and such NPC that is already done by who and what is not helpful or relevant. Your favorite colour is Red, you find your favorite Red Dress and get into game and are in love. Now you play with that and 1000 hours and 10 sessions later how good is that dress for you? You find someone made a Blue Dress, while not your favorite colour you like how it looks and more importantly it is new and different then what you have been staring at for a very long time. NL4 is the Blue Dress






Some Assembly Required:


After installation go to your data folder. Under textures\NL4\FitBody\
You need to manually place in a texture file named femalebody_1_msn
This change was made to give some female NPC a more Fit Athletic look


This should be an alternate "Muscular" normal of your choice that is either pre-made or one you blend yourself that works with the texture set you use as replacer for female


If this is a change you do not want then just place a copy of your default normal from textures\actors\character\female\






New Game Only:


Not for use on existing saves. This is due to how the game handles data for NPC for the last plugin that modified their actor record. Could be a mod or the game itself it matters not. Once you start a game the information from the last plugin that modifies an NPC actor record gets baked in your save. Changing the plugin that modifies an NPC midgame by adding or removing mods or even changing load order will usually cause issues for them in your game. For this reason it is important to have your NPC mods in the order you want with all compatibility issues resolved for any that edit the same NPC BEFORE you start your game








It is not safe to add or remove this midgame


It is not safe to edit the record with Creation Kit. Use Xedit


It is not safe to extract this BSA and use as loose files in your game






NPC Changed:

Adelaisa    80
Adrianne    60
Aela        50
Agmaer      60
Ahtar       90
Aicantar    40
Alvor       99
Amren       70
Annekke     60
Anuriel     20
Balgruuf    60
Balimund    90
Beleval     10
Belrand     60
Benor       90
Birna       50
Bolgeir     70
Bolund      50
Borgakh     80
Brelyna     40
Bryling     90
Brynjolf    50
Camilla     70
Carlotta    90
Calenn      70
Cindiri     70
Colette     90
Cosnach     40
Dagur       40
Delacourt   40
Delphine    50
Delvin      50
Dinya       60
Drevis      30
Elisif      50
Elrindir    30
Endarie     80
Erdi        10
Erik        30 Slayer 70
Erikur      40
Faendal     50
Faida       70
Faleen      90
Faralda     80
Farengar    30
Farkas      90
Fihada      20
Frea        99
Freir       80
Fura        90
Gerdur      80
Golldir     70
Grelka      40
Gwilin      30
Haelga      80
Haran       30
Hermir      40
Hestla      50
Hrongar     99
Hulda       20
Ingrod Y    30
Ingjard     80
Ingun       70
Iona        90
Irileth     99
Jenassa     40
Jon B       50
Jonna       60
Jordis      70
Karita      60
Laila       85
Lami        50
Lisbet      70
Lisette     80
Lleril      50
Luaffyn     70
Lydia       40
Lynly       30
Madena      60
Marcurio    20
Mikael      30
Milore      50
Mjoll       80
Morwen      75
Muirri      30
Narri       80
Nenya       30
Niranya     50
Nirya       20
Nivenor     80
Njada       20
Olfina      50
Onmund      30
Pantea      70
Ranmir      70
Revyn       30
Rhiada      10
Rustleif    60
Saadia      70
Saffir      60
Sapphire    10
Sayma       60
Serana      50
Sigrid      10
Sigurd      40
Silda       20
Solaf       70
Sorine      30
Stenvar     70
Sven        40
Sybille     40
Taarie      40
Tacitus     70
Temba       99
Thonnir     70
Tonilia     10
Ugor        40
Ulfric      99
Uthgerd     99
Valga       20
Vex         70
Vilkas      60
Vorstag     90
Wylandriah  50
Ysolda      10
Zaria       20

Basic B&A images of all can be seen here https://1drv.ms/u/s!AkzyNRVnpsFCg0CJSnv8VAhPqxos?e=mn8zz






Compatibility & Load Order:


There are optional files for Expressive Facial Animation for those that use one or both


Please read this before asking or offering help regarding issues that are the result of using this alongside other conflicting mods

NL4 is likely to conflict with other mods you may wish to use alongside in your game. The following info is to help you eliminate or atleast greatly reduce issues that may arise from using this with other conflicting mods so you can spend more time playing and enjoying this and less ( Hopefully None ) trying to fix problems


This is General info to help you get PCR with any conflicting mods before you use this on a new game


The most common way to get a broken face for NPC is when the facegen files loaded in your game do not match the record changes in the last esp which also modified them. This is caused from using conflicting mods which edit the same NPC without Proper Conflict Resolution ( PCR ) in your game. NL4 contains full edits. Specifically for all NPC here new facegen (Nif and Texture) has been generated/exported/archived as BSA and they also have matching record changes in this esp. This will determine in general what can and cannot be used alongside this and in what order


If a mod edits NPC and includes BOTH facegen nif and texture files AND edits their actor record in the esp then that mod has FULL edits for that NPC. Any other change to NPC which does not include all 3 is PARTIAL edits


Mods which contain only conflicting record ( ESM, ESP etc) changes without facegen (Partial)


PCR: Ensure these load before NL4


Mods which contain any conflicting facegen archived in BSA without also changing them in the record (Partial)


PCR: Ensure these load before NL4


Mods which have full edits to any conflicting NPC with facegen from that mod archived in BSA (Full)


PCR: These mods can be loaded before or after NL4


Mods which have full edits to any conflicting NPC that installs facegen from that mod as loose files (Full)


PCR: Ensure these load after NL4


Mods that install conflicting facegen as loose files with no conflicting record changes for those NPC are not compatible (Partial)


There are many mods that edit NPC and install partial or full facegen files loose in your game directory. There is a place for loose files when modding your game but facegen files are not in that place. Facegen files should always be archived to ensure they load in the same order as the plugin. When they are installed as loose files that connection is severed and they may load in a different order. If you disable the plugin you only remove the record changes for the NPC and the facegen remains unless removed and still loads in your game. This should never happen. These files if placed loose will also be replaced by any conflicting mod installed after so you lose the integrity of that mod and it is now broken and can only be fixed by reinstalling. Once you reinstall you of course just replaced and broke any other similar before and you are now essentially creating a game that is broken by default and only "works" with an exact matching install and load order with any deviation resulting in broken faces


When a mod that edits NPC face has its facegen in BSA it preserves the integrity of its files as they are not replaced by other mods that are installed after and of course will not replace any of the same that installed before. So install order no longer matters and never should have. Only load order matters which is easily changed to determine which conflicting facegen files loads in your game. It also ensures that the files load in the same order as the record so they always match for NPC face. When the plugin is disabled it also disables the files in the BSA. For any other mod that edits the same NPC you should always use the BSA version of that mod whenever possible. If there is not one you should Ask Nicely for the Author to atleast offer it as an option


I understand that some Authors have and will continue to release mods that edit NPC as loose files and Users will also continue using them which is why I have them listed in Compatibility above and list the only correct PCR for them that does not require making changes to either mod. They must always be full edits only and always load after if you choose to use them alongside this






Checking for Record conflicts to adjust load order


Xedit "You need this"
Temporarily move this near the top of your load order after USLEP but before all other plugins then pull it up with Xedit along with all the others you are currently using. Then use the "apply filter to show conflict losers" to see if any of your other mods esp are conflicting with NL4. If any are you will now see the specific conflict(s) & which mod(s) is also making changes so you can adjust your load order if needed


Removing conflicting facegen loose files with no conflicting record changes (Partial)


This should honestly never happen. It is a result of mods that change headparts to NPC without matching record changes or sometimes even tint files. This can also happen if you did this to yourself by entering CK and spamming CTRL+F4 which will break this and any other similar mod in BSA to include those made with custom assets not present in your game or incompatible with changes from CK from faces generated from character creation mod such as Racemenu/ECE etc


As stated in Compatibility and Load Order there is no PCR for this and they will always be incompatible. If you know or suspect you may have any they must be removed if you wish to use this


Using a BSA extractor of choice extract NL4 somewhere outside your game directory as loose files. All facegen from here will be in the following 6 locations which you can now see with the correct path




Compare these to what is installed in your game currently. If any of these are present and you wish to safely remove them


If you know which mod(s) was responsible check to see if there is a BSA version & if there is un-install your current and re-install that


If you do not know which mod(s) was responsible then proceed to copy all of the loose facegen files from each of the 6 locations listed above from this extracted BSA and paste in the same location in your game directory allowing all overwrites then immediately after while they are all still selected delete. repeat this as needed for all files in any of the above 6 paths listed above







Q:  ..


A:  ...






Advanced Info for getting the face you want when using multiple mods that edit the same NPC:

You will need to have a BSA Extractor, Xedit and Creation Kit installed for this. You wont be using CK itself but you will need the tool that comes with it Archive.exe found under ...SteamApps\common\Skyrim\


You have mod A and B that both edits Lydia because well of course they do lol. They also both edit Jordis. You really prefer the look of Lydia from mod A and the Jordis from mod B. If you load A after B you get the Lydia you want but not the Jordis. If you load B after A you get the Jordis you want but not the Lydia. Cue sadface, so you cant have both if using them together...or can you? Yes you can get what you want but not without modifying one or both mods first


First thing you do is compare both changes from both mods. The one that has the most faces you like you will load after so in this case that would be mod B. So you will be loading B after A. Now to get the Lydia you want from A to show up in your game you must modify mod B. You open up B.esp in Xedit and find Lydia, for each NPC they will have a unique number associated with them. You will want to write this down as you will need it later. In Lydia's case this number is 000A2C8E
You delete Lydias record edits from B.esp and then save and close Xedit


Now you must also delete 2 facegen files that are included in Mod B. That number you wrote down is now needed as both files will have that number as their name. Both mod A and B have correctly archived their respective facegen files in BSA. In your data folder there is a BSA named B which you will need to temporarily extract to make the change you want. There is also of course an existing meshes and textures folders as well. First rename meshes to something like 000meshes and textures to 000textures. It does not matter what the new name is so long as you name it something different. Use your BSA extractor of choice and extract B in place then delete the BSA, by extracting it will have placed all its facegen data as loose files which is normally bad but you wont be leaving them loose


Meshes\Actors\Character\FaceGenData\FaceGeom\Skyrim.esm\000A2C8E "delete"
Textures\Actors\Character\FaceGenData\FaceTint\Skyrim.esm\000A2C8E "delete"


After deleting the 2 facegen files associated with Lydia Launch Archive.exe
If you have not used it before change the default path so it is looking inside your data folder. Once set it will remember and you wont need to do it again. Drag and Drop both meshes and textures folders which right now only contain the files you extracted from B since you renamed your existing folders.
Using dropdown from edit choose "Check all Items"
check the boxes for both meshes and textures
Using the dropdown from File choose "Save As"
It will prompt you to name the new BSA which you must use the same name as original to match the plugin so for this example it is B
Now delete both meshes and textures folders that contain all the extracted loose facegen from B
Rename 000meshes back to meshes and 000textures back to textures


Since you have now done this to modify mod B to remove its Lydia you can now get the Lydia you wanted from mod A to show up even though it is loaded before B in your game. So you get what you wanted and no longer have to choose one or the other you get them both, cue happy face


Remember this is a change you will want to do before starting a game as if you did this midgame you would correctly have the face you wanted for her but if mod B was loaded after A when you met her that data is still in your save and can still cause problems for her





This mod contains assets from other mods as listed in credits. Permission for inclusion with this mod was either granted in the permissions stated on that Authors page where I obtained it at the time of inclusion or was Explicitly Granted from a direct request from me






KS Hairdos - Renewal




Lind's Human Eyes


Lind's Elven Eyes


Fair Skin Complexion by HHaleyy


High Poly Head


Smile in HD


Note that all assets included are in a new location unique to this so will not conflict or alter any original mods






Modders Resource List:


No assets are included from any mod listed here but they were used to help create the facegen

Ethereal Elven Overhaul


Better Vampire Fangs and Eyes


Freckle Mania 2


Ravens Warpaint


XCE - Warpaint and Dirt


Better Makeup for SKSE


Weathered and Worn Warpaints


2k Lip Tints - All Races - Better Coverage


Aesthetic Elves


Realistic Hair Colors




Eyes AO Clipping Fix


Pocky's 4k human male makeup







You may not upload this to other sites, if I want it there ill put it there myself


You may host a patched esp to get this compatible with mods that alter non-appearance stats such as AI/Combat/lvls/outfits/class etc





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