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LadySmoks presents Widowmaker from Overwatch for The Sims 3!


This was my second attempt. The first, which you will NEVER see, was ok, but far from something I was completely happy with and not good enough to share with you. My Widowmaker is a combination of parts from game rip meshes, parts of CC by others and my own meshes and textures.


This set includes Hair/ Hat, 2 Outfits, Boots, Naughty Accy, Tattoo Accy and Skins.


First, there are 2 basic versions of her outfit... Naughty and Nice...


The Nice version is your basic Widowmaker outfit. No surprises, but not Kinky World woohoo friendly because of the VERY custom game mesh style, non standard legs and boots meshes that I to use in order to keep those leg lines. 


The Naughty version... OY! For Kinky World users, something special. I will also have how to instructions for Kinky World Woohoo set up below. 


The Naughty version has an open crotch and butt area, and no back shield to expose her Black Widow tattoo during woohoo. There is a Naughty Accy that goes with this version of the outfit, which is listed as left garter. The accy is basically the parts to cover her crotch, butt and back during "normal" wear.


This is a custom combo mesh. There are parts of game rip mesh and parts of my custom work co-mingled. To have the unique body lines of the Widowmaker character, this mesh was made specifically to be used with the Widowmaker boots, and has no lower legs! This mesh may work with other boots, but I did not test.


Both are for YA/A Female Sims, have one preset with 4 recolorable channels and are found in CAS under "Outfits" for Everyday, Formalwear, Sleepwear, Swimwear, Athletic, Singed, MartialArts, Career, Outerwear and ValidForMaternity.


The hair/ hat uses a hair by SkySims # 201, which I played with to fit inside of the helmet. The game rip hair was over the top. The helmet is game rip mesh, has 4 recolorable channels with a little "bot tech" thrown in... The lights are recolorable and glow! The hair itself has normal hair color channels. It's for YA/A Female Sims, found in the "Hat" section of CAS, and enabled for Everyday, Formalwear, Sleepwear, Swimwear, Athletic, Singed, MartialArts, Career, Outerwear and ValidForMaternity.


The boots are straight game rip by Rip Van Winkle. I rearranged the UV mapping,  and managed to make them into a 4 channel recolorable. They are for YA/A Female Sims and have one preset. They are in CAS under shoes for Everyday, Formalwear, Sleepwear, Swimwear, Athletic, Singed, MartialArts, Career, Outerwear and ValidForMaternity.


NOTE: These boots deviate from EA standard. The ankles are smaller, and will clip any standard EA and probably all other custom meshes not specifically made to match these boots.


The tattoos are taken from images I found online and converted to .dds format, as best I could. Not the greatest, but... They are listed as Accessories/ Socks, and enabled for Naked, Everyday, Formalwear, Sleepwear, Swimwear, Athletic, Singed, MartialArts, Career, Outerwear and ValidForMaternity.


The skin texture is orginaly by E-Skin. I made a few minor changes and ran it thru Skininator to install my custom skin tones. I've seen several different skin tones in online images, so I made 3 as best I could. I also added back the normals mapping, so muscle definition slider works. Of course, the EA rainbow will also work.


Last, the Naughty Accy... It is not made to be, nor intended as, a stand alone panties accy, and would not look good used that way. It is made specifically to cover the open areas of the Naughty version of the Widowmaker outfit during regular "non-woohooing" times. It's set in CAS as Left Garter, so when registered in Kinky World as underwear, will come off during woohoo to expose your Widowmaker's "Naughty" bits! Reason being the nature of Kinky World woohooing outfits set up and the Widowmaker mesh. If you use the setting that allows the animations to choose how naked your sims are during woohoo, you might have a Widowmaker with custom mesh boots that have narrower than EA standard ankles and a nude bottom mesh WITH standard ankles clipping thru! Does not look good. If you use  the nude or naked outfit settings, you probably won't see this.


SO... Take your Widowmaker to CAS as normal, and dress her up. Use the Naughty Outfit, then add the Naughty accy (which you registered in KW underwear). The presets are color matched, BUT, if you want to change colors, the color masks are arranged so you can click and drag the color set from one to the other. ?


Now, back in live game mode, left click your Sim. Click Kinky World> Set CASP Properties. For the outfit, Can be pulled down = False. Can be kept during woohoo = True. Now, the naughty outfit will remain on during KW woohoo, regardless of other settings.


For left garter (which is the Naughty Accy), Can be pulled down = False (This may be for bad pets interaction, which I do not have, and true may be okay for that?) Can be kept during woohoo = False. So, the Naughty Accy will come off during woohoo.


One minor annoyance is that KW does not always feel like putting panties back on female sims after woohoo, so, may not put back the Naughty Accy. I simply use Nraas Master Controller> Basic> Outfit, and click the everyday outfit again, and Widowmaker is fully dressed again. I have been playing with trying to find settings that will force KW to automatically put the Naughty Accy back on, but so far no luck and did not feel it was something worth holding up sharing her over.


I hope you like her!!!


PS... If anyone out there knows of a website that has free game rip mesh of Widowmaker's gun, please send me a PM with the link. I can not promise I can make it, but have been playing with game rips more and more, and would like to try her gun.


Credits: Skysims Hair # 201 @ TSR: here
             E-Skins Natural Skins @ MTS: here
             Rip Van Winkle Widowmaker @ Renderhub.com: here


Edited by LadySmoks

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