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Goodbye Revelers, Hello Drunken Sluts!

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About This File

Original Description:

So as I was wandering around Skyrim and ran past a group of revelers, I realized how much I don't particularly like them. They seem pointless. So I came up with an idea to change them... from drunken dudes, to drunken ladies. Drunken ladies in various states of undress. Who knows, maybe they're at the tail end of a bachelorette party or something.




Changes the Revelers to fully-voiced (using vanilla dialogue) Drunken Sluts. Join them in their revelry!




- They will approach you when you pass, but won't force you into dialogue... you can just ignore them! Finally! Fuck you, Revelers, I don't want your stupid mead, I have a dragon to kill!

- Is your character a prude? Tell them to fuck off, and they will! But beware, piss them off and they might not want to talk to you again.

- Is your character down to party? Well so are they. Oh boy, are they ever.

- Remember that really uninteresting ring the Revelers gave you? New and improved! Well, ok, more like themed. It does the same thing.







Want them in sluttier clothing?

The mod as released is purely vanilla assets, which will reflect any replacer mods you have in place. However, I tried to design it to be as easy as possible to add other clothing for the girls from other mods. Any clothing you add to the leveled item DSX_Clothes will be included in their potential wardrobe.



Basic instructions (not promised to work with all armor mods, the ones that get too fancy might cause issues):

1) Open DrunkenSluts.esp and whatever other clothing mod you want them to wear in the CK, with DrunkenSluts.esp as the active file.


2) Find the clothes you want in the Armor category (under Items). Open them, change the FormID to something more Drunken Sluts specific, change the name if you want, and save. It will ask if you want to create a new form, select yes. This will create a version of that piece of armor for the Drunken Sluts to use.


3) Reopen the armor records you are importing (the ones you created). They will also have Armor Addon records associated with them (middle bottom section). Double click on that, and it will open the Armor Addon. Change the FormID here as well (usually mirroring the change you made to the Armor record with AA at the end is a good idea). Save, create a new form.


4) Back in the Armor record, you still have to old Armor Addon attached. Remove that, add a new one, search for your version and add that one instead. Save the Armor record.


4a) This is a slightly more complicated, possibly not necessary step. We need any outfits to come in one piece, but the clothing mod you're getting it from might have them in several pieces. To fix this, pick what you would consider the main Armor piece of the outfit, and in the Armor Addon section, assign the Armor Addons for all the pieces you want to be included. Feel free to change the name to something more descriptive if of the entire outfit. Each Armor Addon will have a clothing slot that it goes in, make sure the Armor piece has all the same clothing slots selected. This usually works, but YMMV, I'm not a master at this process.


5) Go to the Leveled Items section (under Items) and open DSX_Clothes. Just leave it open. You should see a bunch of vanilla clothing in there.


6) Go back to Armor, and find the pieces you want to add to the wardrobe. Drag and drop them into DSX_Clothes. The wardrobe will only select one item, so if you put in only a bra, if that is selected you will have a girl in only a bra. You can also remove anything you want from DSX_Clothes as well.


7) Save DSX_Clothes, save the mod, and load up your game.


8) If the Drunken Sluts had already loaded in your game before you made this change, you can open the console, select them and type Resurrect and they will regenerate with the new clothing as an option for wearing.



Want to see them more often?

I have made an attempt to increase how often you see the girls. It is a very amateur attempt. I don't think it runs any risk of breaking your game, but it might just not be something you enjoy having installed. Also, I don't really know much of an impact this will have. And so, I turn to you! If you want to see them spawn more often on the road (and spawn off the road occasionally), please try out the increased spawn file and REPORT BACK!


Having the girls capable of spawning off the road was easy (although it will be very rare I'd think). Having them spawn on the road more often basically involved removing some other road events so that it would cycle through the events more rapidly. I only took out 4 or 5 possible road events, and I tried to pick the ones that were the most pointless (eg - random bard, farmers after dragon attack, noble on horse). But because of this, you should not only see the girls slightly more often, you should also see all the other road events slightly more often.


This isn't exactly the method I had hoped to use, but test it out anyways and let me know how it goes.



Change Log:

4/21/2015 - Reuploaded file with facegen data to avoid face color mismatches.




I am very amenable to people taking my mods and building on them. I would ask that you contact me first, but odds are that if you want to expand on my work I will probably be cool with it.


That being said, I'd like to express the following points:

1) If you are just looking to further fine-tune my idea without actually taking it anywhere new, I'd rather you talk to me about including your changes into my own mod somehow.

2) I released my mod on this site for a reason. In most cases I would prefer that anything built on my work be also hosted here. I have granted access for a few translations that will be hosted on sites in the target language, but generally I'd prefer to keep things here in this community.

3) I released my mod for free, and I do not give consent for anyone else to host it or anything built upon it behind a paywall, under any circumstances. Just don't.

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