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About This File

----- READ ME -----


Hey guys! this is a resource file for modders (it contains only a .PSD file). Everyone who want to do a mod with this icon set is welcome, i only ask few things:


- You have to credit me for the drawings.

- If you want to upload a mod with these drawings, firstly you have to told me so i can give you the permission (or not).

- You can only, at least for now, upload you mod only on LoversLab.


Thanks, and enjoy!


in these days i was home and reaaaally bored so i've drawed these icons on ipad. i know they're not the best, but i think they maintain the original game art style, just a little more...hot. hope you guys like them! :)


Update 1 


hi guys, with this little update I load the .psd of the pip boy stats icons. as you will see once downloaded, the figures are a unique piece and it is up to you to compose the various parts. I hope I have set up the project in the most comfortable way possible. Stay tuned for the perks icons, i upload them as soon as i finished the first part (base game).



you will find both the clothed and the naked version. enjoy!

Update 2

I'm Back again and i'm happy to say that i've already finished the first part of my schedule. You can now download the Level up Perks.psd file: it contains all of the level up perks icons (No Doc Mitchell icons or Dlc's, for now). As usually, enjoy!



in the .psd you will find a folder named "alternatives": in there you can find some alternative icons that i've discarded because they do not convince me, but i left them anyway since maybe someone can prefer them.

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What's New in Version 04/22/2022 02:40 PM


I'm happy to announce that i've completed the Challenge and Special Perks Icon Pack! As usual, enjoy!

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