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Prison Alternative - A modular Prison System 1.2

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What is this mod?


A lightweight Prison system with special emphasis on compatibility, extendability and intuitive feel to the game.

Its designed to be a natural extension to the vanilla Prison system. without assuming that you have the entire DD-mod family installed.

It even has (synthed) voices!



Event based modular structure. Similar to Daymoyl or Simple Slavery

new Events can be added without Dependency's.

Trigger chance for specific Events can be adjusted in MCM.


The System Has three types of Events. Daily Events, Punishing Events, Release Events.


-Daily Events will occur on a daily basis, the heavier the crime, the more days the player will spend in prison.


-Punishing Events will occur when the player is re-captured after an failed escape attempt, or while committing another crime while in prison.


-Release Events will occur when the player sits out his entire Sentence. These Events can include normal Release, or something more unpleasant like a Simple Slavery outcome.


Escape System

The escape requirements have been changed to a somewhat more natural level.

Which means you have to get out of the city rather than just reaching the first door.

Which ALSO means that you can no longer just walk through the Guards barracks like you own the Place.

when being defeated by a guard while on the run, you will be returned to your cell and punished. (This does NOT interfere with combat defeat mods)


(Optional) - when you are imprisoned for a more serious crime or if you have already been recaptured once, you will be cuffed, which will make future escape attempts more difficult.



Follower and NPC Support

(optional) you follower will also be arrested and shackled in your cell.

(optional) This mod Features a Detention and Bailout Mechanic for NPC´s (mainly followers). If you leave you follower behind during an escape, he will stay in Jail until you Bail them out.



Requirements and installation

SKSE - should be obvious, but apparently some people still manage to ignore that.

SkyUI - Don´t ask

Zap8  - make sure to get the correct version for either LE/SE


after installing Prison Alternative, run FNIS!



Official Addons



Bad Ends Revived Series: adds potentially Lethal outcomes if you get Incarcerated.



Compatible Mods

-This mod also works with any other mod which would usually send the player to Vanilla prison (i.e. Daymoyl, Peril, Dragonborn in Distress, ...)

-Extensible Follower Framework

-Open Cities, Skyrim Sewers, and similar City modifying mods.

-Sexlab Adventures

-This mod has NO effect on Cidna mine and the Chill, so it wont cause problems with other mods which modify those.



Partially Compatible

-ANY Defeat mod. (Health-Threshold based Knockdowns should be disabled. Bleedout based Defeat triggers work without Problem)

-Troubles of Heroine (No Problem when used on its own, But will break stuff when used together with DCL (which you shouldn't use anyway))

-Got to bed (should be disabled via its MCM during your stay in prison)

-Prison Overhaul Patched (Not meant to be used together, but you can use this Patch to keep POP´s bounty Hunters: PA-POP.zip)

-Multi Follower mods other than EFF (i.e Nether´s, Amazing follower tweaks,...) Followers handled by those mods will be detected, but it might be required to disable certain features of these mods to prevent issues while in Prison. Use them at your own risk.



NOT Compatible (don't ask for help if you have any of these installed!)

-Devious Devices and anything that Depends on Devious Devices (The mere presence of DD doesn't seem to cause immediate problems, but stuff will break if you wear DD restraints)

-Devious Cursed Loot (can be used by experienced users, but can and WILL break your game if not handled VERY carefully)

-Other mods which have the Player go through forced scenes while in Prison


About Devious Devices:

DD makes drastic changes to native game functions, which in turn cause a lot of problems for other modders.

I strongly disagree with the Way DD handles Stuff and how its implementations disregard anything outside of its own bubble.

I will therefore not try to make my mods DD compatible, so don't ask me about it.




enough said,





If you want some sway on the next extension, Want exclusive early access to new Stuff, or Just like my work, consider supporting me:



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What's New in Version 1.2


Added feature which prevents the same event to fire twice during one sentence. can be toggled off in the MCM.

added some more backend stuff to make integration of expansion packs easier.

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