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RussianPrince Skyrim Content Compendium 0.5

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About This File

This is an ever-growing compendium of my current armors.


I will add more to it as I work, and I will also continue to upload standalone armors.


The main BSA is about 700mb and you must use 7zip to extract this file, WinRar can throw errors as it doesn't understand some of the compression methods used by 7zip.


In this compendium, there are 10 armors and a few weapons. You can get all armors through crafting, combat, or quest rewards.


Black Fox Armor: Worn by TG members and in the small lake near Fort DG.


Elven Eagle Armor: Worn by Thalmor.


Light Daedric Armor: can be found in Mehrunes Dagon's shrine


Light Dwarven: Crafting only


Light Iron Armor: Crafting only


Lord Tristrum's Armor: I forget, either found in the Temple of Xrib or scattered around the world


Royal Bonemold: Found on the body of Gratian Cairellius


Thalmor Armor: worn by Thalmor


Lapis Lazuli Armor: Buy it from Eorlund Graymane after Lvl. 35


Fine Steel: Worn by Hired Thugs and can be crafted











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