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W&B (Amputee Body - LooksMenu Skin Override) 2.4

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About This File

I created this mod for personal use because I wanted bodies that would reflect the harsh environment of a commonwealt marked by the sadism of the raiders, who are dedicated to slavery. I do not condone or advise anyone to amputate peoples. 


I would have liked to create this set of textures for Fusion Girl and CBBE separately, but it was very exhausting and I worked only based on the body that I use: Fusion Girl. However, I put in the download section version 2.1 which is based on CBBE.


The mod does not include scripts of any kind; absolutely everything here is aesthetic. Even when you are in amputee clothing or body, the game will still act as if you are completely fine. 





WhippedAndBranded contains: 




1. Skin Overrides



Amputee Body (TheKite)

Amputee Body (DocClox)

Amputee Body (Captain-Heiko)







How to use it


Get naked
Write in console: SLM 14 (Or the NPC ID)

Select Body.

Select Skin.

Choose "Amputee Body".




You can edit the body shape in Bodyslide. The group is called "Amputee Body".




You probably know, probably not. If you equip yourself with any slot 33 clothing (like Vault Suit), the amputated arm will appear because that type of clothe brings its own body. Then it is necessary to create a set of clothes that can serve you: Included 7 vanilla Amputee clothing (based on TheKite version) that can be created in the Chemistry Station ("Amputee Fashion" category).


REMEMBER: If you are going to use these clothes or have others use them, you need to assign TheKite's Skin Override.






I also included Desdemona boot, so it is possible to mix it with other clothes like VTAW, EasyGirl, etc.





As an optional download, it also includes the Amputee body (TheKite version) for Devious Devices heels Fusion Girl Version. Of course, you will need to download Slave Heels as these are only about the Bodyslide files.






What's New in Version 2.4


*Removed bruises, spanks and whip-marks overlays (will go to Captive Tattoos 3.0)

*Removed the skin overrides (unnecessary since I already managed to convert them into overlays for Captive Tattoos 3.0).

*W&B 2.4 will only be a mod to have an amputee body with amputee clothes... and the Junkie Teeth, of course ?



If your character had some of these overlays on the body, you can uninstall version 2.3 and install 2.4 without problems since there are no scripts here, only textures. The overlays are now unified in Captive Tattoos 3.0, so you will have to reapply them from there.


Recommended mod for junkie teeth: HN66s and XAZOMNs Distinctive Teeth for FO4

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