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Vindictus Santa Robes 5 Colours (BodySlide HDT) 1.2

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About This File

Complete package for Vindictus Santa Robes that was released by ARROW&KNEE. The esp now contains all five colours and no recipes.


There is mesh conflict, where the underwear goes through the skirt when you are running. If someone knows the right term post it and I will correct it. It looks fine when you stand but it looks silly when you walk. Also it has extreme bouncing butt. In that type of skirt, there shouldn't be any bounce. If someone is able to correct these issues, please post the fix on the thread and pm.


How to Aquire the Items

Use the console and help search for "HyperMix". Get the id for the Vindictus pouch and user placeatme to place it next to you. If you are doing this inside a building you need to use setownership to mark the container as yours. After that you use MarkForDelete to remove the item. It removes it next time you load the game.

help HyperMixplayer.placeatme <formId>setonwnership <formid>MarkForDelete <formId>

I took some liberty in changing the colours ever so slight; the ribbon on the Helmet A is always white. Next release I will change it from helmet too hood. ;)



ARROW&KNEE (Jianeddie)

Levionte provided the HDT BodySlide support

What's New in Version 1.2


  • 1.1 The files are no longer NTFS compressed. No need to download this again if you have 1. Just decompress them.
  • 1.2 Use the word "Hood" instead of "Helmet"

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