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About This File

Money and power isn't everything and love can make you do a lot of things. That's what this mod is for!

This mod let's you vassalize people if they find you attractive enough.



You know the drill, unzip and place in "mod" folder.



- Option to vassalize someone if they find you attractive, in exchange they become your lover.

- Decision to get a breast/penis enlargement

- Dynasty of Many Children major decision


Planned features/changes:

Change "seduce to become your vassal" interaction to a scheme.


Current problems:

- Balancing. I haven't done a lot of playtesting, so the vassalize option is probably pretty overpowered right now (when playing as a female character).

- Some effects are currently not displayed.



If you encounter any bugs or problems (that are not mentioned above), let me know. If you have feedback or ideas for new features, I'm happy to hear it.


This initial version is more a proof of concept than anything else. Like mentioned, there are some issues and not a lot of features at the moment.

If you like the mod, you are welcome to let me know. I might be more inclined to put additional time in.




What's New in Version 0.2


Made some balance changes to the "seduce to become your vassal" interaction. It's still not perfect. I will probably change the interaction to a scheme in the next update to add some much needed balance.


Added the "Dynasty of Many Children" major decision. To activate the decision at least 1 dynasty member needs to have at least 25 living children.

This probably isn't possible without the help of other mods. There are multiple mods that make this achievable, so you can choose which ones to add to your game.

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