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Simdulgence body hair (but updated) 2.0.1

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About This File



This is an unofficial update for Simdulgence's body hair that fixes all of the problems I had with it:


  • wild_guy's default body hair was always applied to new townies, as this is hard-coded.
  • Simdulgence's body hair didn't have growth enabled.
  • Simdulgence's body hair (in Wicked Whims) didn't include arm hair, armpit hair, leg hair, or ass hair.
  • there's not enough Simdulgence female body hair. I was missing something hairier than "shrub" but less hairy than "bush".


I've fixed all of that.


  • I've overridden a Wicked Whims XML file to re-define Simdulgence body hair as the new default. Yes, this is a bit ugly. I can't help that. I have nothing against wild_guy's work either, it just doesn't match Simdulgence's work at all and isn't compatible with his penis models.
  • Growth has been enabled for all Simdulgence body hair.
  • Arm, armpit, leg, and ass hair has been added where appropriate. If you ignore shaving long enough, your Sim ladies will grow hairy legs and your Sim men will start to resemble cavemen.
  • I'm not much of an artist, but I put together a new trimmed bush based on Simdulgence textures.


This mod REQUIRES:


  • Wicked Whims
  • Simdulgence's male body hair (simdulgence_cas_ymTattoo_BodyHair.package).
  • Optionally, Simdulgence's Patreon-exclusive female body hair (simdulgence_cas_yfTattoo_BodyHair.package). Download sheepishnudist-simdulgencebodyhair-maleonly.zip instead of sheepishnudist-simdulgencebodyhair.zip if you don't have that.
  • Optionally, Simdulgence's Patreon-exclusive male body hair (simdulgence_cas_ymTattoo_BodyHairExclusives.package). Delete sheepishnudist-simdulgencebodyhair-m-exclusive.package and sheepishnudist-simdulgencebodyhair-m-exclusivecashider.package if you don't have that.
  • Optionally, Simdulgence's Patreon-exclusive body hair for females with penises (simdulgence_ym2fBodyHair_v1.0.package). Delete sheepishnudist-simdulgencebodyhair-fp.package and sheepishnudist-simdulgencebodyhair-fp-cashider.package if you don't have that.


Optional (yet recommended) CAS hiders are included to keep body hair out of your tattoo section. With this mod you won't need any of it, unless you want some weird combination of body hair I didn't think of.


(not so) Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Where did wild_guy's body hair go?

A: I had to override the defaults in order to make Simdulgence the new default. I could have added them back in, but I made this primarily for myself and I wasn't planning on using them.
Q: Why aren't your new textures showing up in CAS tattoo section?
A: The point of this mod is to let you use Wicked Whims to handle body hair. I included the CAS hiders for the same reason.
Q: Can I use your work for my own mod?
A: Everything I've done I consider public domain, have at it. I don't care. Just respect Simdulgence's "terms of service". It's my hope that Simdulgence can use this as a basis for further updates.
Q: It's not working!
A: I need to override Wicked Whims and Simdulgence's files. Make sure that my mod is (alphabetically) somewhere above them in your mod folder. Alternatively, maybe you don't have one of the requirements. Please re-read the description.

Q: You're missing some of Simdulgence's body hairs for females with penises. Can you add support for them?

A: I'd rather not, I like the ones I selected. The others all have chest hair, and in my opinion it looked pretty bad in CAS. Large-breasted females caused the textures to stretch and distort, and my nipple skin details overlayed over them awkwardly. If you're asking about the missing hair colors, it's because Simdulgence never released these textures for all hair swatches.

What's New in Version 2.0.1   See changelog


I renamed the files, make sure you delete my old ones.

  • made a male-only variant because the female textures are Patreon-locked.
  • added arm hair variants for females. They aren't a standard growth step, though.
  • added partial support for the (somewhat incomplete) Patreon-exclusive females-with-penises body hair. See last FAQ question.

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