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About This File

The Rebuild

A Future World for Sims 3


This is a BETA TEST


*  Now Includes the New Skin  *  Adult & Teen (Cartoon Body) Clothing with Nude Top & Bottom


Although I’ve been playing this world for some time to check workability, Sim access and pathways, there is most likely something I’ve overlooked. That is why it is a BETA test. I need feedback on anything that is a problem.

·         Sims walking off Cliffs or using a shortcut

·         Blocked access

·         Blocked or Trapped Sims

·         Any Errors generated


I’ve completed the terrain painting of Sim Non-Access areas – I did not paint any Camera path blocking, so be careful with areas around Cliffs.



It has taken one year to get this world ready for inhabitants. Not quite a Dystopia, the old world isn’t quite all gone or repaired… but,  there has been a lot of progress rebuilding, and most of the planetary war remains have been cleaned up. At least it’s gathered to local piles of trash. Still, lack of resources has made it difficult to refurbish some things and most metal things are still rusty.  We make due with what was left behind.

Our Fearless Leader still requires volunteers for his army – those pesky spaceships still fire on anyone trying to leave this last enclave of humans. There are a few “Vacation” locations.



·         46 Commercial lots (4 empty lots)

·         27 Residential lots (3 empty lots)

·         3 dive wells

·         4 Subways

·         3 Llamas

·         3 Ports (2 with houseboats)

·         1 Dive Site (Unique)

·         1 Tomb (with pushable Penis statues)


There are a lot of Glass domes and windows. These may become static when first on the lot. Just go to Buy/Build mode, click on the glass object and immediately press the ESC key. They will reset to their original floor and function correctly.  They were designed to vanish when you go to a lower floor.

These Glass objects are available for your own builds on your Lots. They can be a little tricky to place as most are set either to lay flat of the floor a floor or two above where you want them to be. You will need to have TestingCheatsEnabled, MoveObjects On, and use a COLUM (or two) to place them above the last Colum. They do not have a proper “FootPrint” so your sim may walk right through them.  Place then so they are surrounded with other objects so these paths are naturally blocked (large Domes) Window will function and place normally but may remain static when first on the lot. Click on them and press ESC to reset.

If you have a lot of “Park Statues” then you are missing a package in your Mods Folder.

There are a few trees, bushes, and flowers made for this world. The Dystopia Tree is the largest and occupies a lot of space in this world.  It will not vanish like most trees – you will need to work around them blocking views – just like in the real world where trees do not vanish to make your view easy.

·         2 Trees

·         6 bushes (including various shades of DickWeed, a tall Boob-Bush planter, and Several shades of Marijuana bushes)


Everything a Sims 3 world will need is there – unless you’re into Nectar Making. It doesn’t have a Nectory. There is room to place one on a 30X30 lot.  No “Supernatural” objects or other Occult objects were placed with the exception of Tomb Objects.


Thank You Contributors:

·         Sasilia – for their Torcher Chamber objects.

·         MajikGoldys – for their Medieval bathroom objects.

·         D&M for their Medieval Market items.

·         Jynx & Misty – for her variations of Rabbit Hole Rugs.

·         Carlos & Graham – for their Helicopter Objects.

·         Pandorasims – for their sex shop items.

·         LadySmoks for her Bar Stool.

·         NonaMena – for their Permanent Tent.

·         Murfeel – for their Skyrim Giant Mushroom Lights.

·         Mammutzoo – for their Pinklebush

·         F-P for their Armored Pick-up Truck.

·         SeeMyu – for their Exotic Pole


I had to remove the Ani-working bed control and the exotic Dancer objects as they were causing problems. They can be added by you – they just created a problem with the Compiling of the world.

All other objects were created by me, as were the terrain paints for the world and for Lot level (in-game) so you can match your lots to the world.




First off - I built this with most of the EP's and a couple SP's


  1. Ambitions
  2. Fast Lane
  3. Generations
  4. High End Loft
  5. ITF
  6. IP
  7. Late Night
  8. Master Suite
  9. Outdoor Living
  10. Pets
  11. Seasons
  12. Showtime
  13. Supernatural
  14. Town Life
  15. World Adventures.


You most likely will need all of these for everything to work.

Missing a few... give it a try!  Most all of what I made for this world will work as a Base-Game item. 


·         It is BEST to start with a NEW Sims Game Folder. Rename your current “The Sims 3” folder by adding a date to the end of the folder. Start The Sims 3 to regenerate your folder then add your Mods Folder (empty)

·         Create a New Sub-Folder in your Sims/Mods/Packages. Name it “The Rebuild Mods”.

·         Place all the Mod “ZIP” files into this new sub-Folder and unpack them.

·         Place the worlds Sims3pack file into your Sims/Downloads folder.

·         Clear your Game Cashes (if you haven’t made a new game folder).

·         Install the World through the Launcher.

·         Play.

If you don’t start with a new game folder – make sure you check for conflicts with the included Mods against any mods you left in your mods folders.

It is important that all mods included with this new world be in your Mods folder – or you will have lots of Park Statues – everywhere! Mods for this world may have the same internal numbering as one you already have – so this worlds mods take president over your existing mods. They will work the same – just be a different color and/or shape to fit the new world.


Additionally, If you want the Garments - it is in a seperate ZIP file.

Make another Sub-Folder in your Mods Folder and name it "The Rebuild - Clothing"

Move or copy the Garment ZIP file to that new sub-folder and unpack.




The goal here is to get the world functioning properly with a minimum of errors and no wild escalation of Error-Traps. I think most have been removed.


Eventually, I want to include a populated version of this world which includes garments, and a Sim Naming Convention list. As well as set up some basic Relationships, Carriers, school and Carriers outfits, etc.


New Garments:

This world also has about a dozen or so outfits, tops, and bottoms made for it.

As testing progresses – I’ll add these garments in. They will be a stand-alone Zip File.


Young Adult & Adult:
















New Skin:


The new Skin is made for the Female Adult, Young Adult, and Teen body. The other body types and the males are default.

It is an anatomically correct Skin designed to match both the PerkySlopes and Cartoon body meshes - which are also modeled anatomically correct. 

The areola (Brownie) is much larger, and with the added nipples strategically placed on the mesh and colored by this skin - a very nice body... indeed!


Below you will see the Skin applied to an Adult body (Cartoon), and an EA Teen Body.  Although the EA Teen does not have any additions or alterations, it still shows pretty nice. 


1969143207_TheRebuildAFSkin.PNG.b90cd27da423ef84f664c0828fc179f8.PNG  427876166_TheRebuildEA-TFSkin.PNG.28ebb4bcadf3092df42e013d53894a70.PNG




Aside from outfits – most made on the AF Cartoon Body, I’ve also made a modified skin to match this Cartoon Body – as well as all EA or CC Bodies.  It has a much larger areola (brownie), Protruding Nipples, and a little better body shading.  The Skin reflects the protruding nipples and is placed so the nipples won’t interfere when the skin is used on a standard EA or CC Body.  The Cartoon body is anatomically correct in every way.  Still working on the skin as I write this. The skin is Adult, Young Adult, and Teen Female only so all other body types will show as default with only the skin color Pallet shared. I’ve added these protruding nipples on the PerkySlopes Teen body as well so it shares the skin correctly.


World Images:






















Wave Frequency, height, and timing have been modified to make ocean waves higher and be choppier.

Light and water colors are changed. Water "Murkiness" is set at 2 so you have underwater viability (For Dive Lot) yet a little cloudiness.




I need info on this world...

Please comment and let me know.



I tried to post this strictly as a BETA Test on my Page but, only one downloaded the complete set of files and after a week - no response. So, I publish it with a Warning.

This is a BETA - and the first Beta so most likely will have bugs... Nothing that will harm your game or machine.



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