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[Mod] World of Sexcraft v1.0.1 by Dollarsmy updated 2020/12/10 1.0.1

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World of Sexcraft v1.0.1


Given the fact that there is limited ability for modders to edit the animations and 3D parts of CK3 (maybe some of you already made some progress so far) and the fact that there is no completed and comprehensive 3D sex animation related mods released, I decide to make a sex related mod derived from CK2 era idea, which I would like to call it as 'Pornographic-Picture-Driving Events' concept, just like Dark Word mod of CK2. To be sample, this mod gives up in utilizing CK3 animation feature to create sex scene(temporarily), instead applying classical method of implanting pornographic graphs into events. I sincerely hope that some of you could made substantial progress on 3D-animations modeling one day, but before that, I hope you guys could find some fun from this mod.



CK3-version of v1.2.2(latest) at least



I won't talk too much about this part, if you get any questions of how to install mod, you should find other posts for further guidance

1)Decompress the .Zip

2)Put the documents into the right place, for instance Paradox Interactive\Crusader Kings III\mod

3)Do ensure you already set the Paradox Launcher options for mod available



  • Children Grow Up Events

Add at least 10 more sexual events triggered by daughter coming to age at 16

Note: only available for father-daughter relation so far


  • Sexual Harassment Interaction and Events


Add new character interaction called "sexual harassment" to trigger a new type of scheme (similar to seduce scheme)

Add at least 80 more sexual events triggered by sexual harassment scheme

Note:it may not trigger related harassment events as usual if you are at army as general (Kinds of make sense)

Note:it is not working towards lovers (because you already fall in love dude why harass?)and teenagers under 20( I am considering to lower it down to 16..in the future..)

  • Prison Sexual Decision and Events

Add new decision allowing you to trigger dungeon sexual events

Add at least 30 more sexual events related to dungeon and prisoners

Note; it works for both male and female player, but I have to admit that I did not add to much events towards female dominate...I will work on that in future


  • Maybe More Contents in Future..?






Theoretically, it should not have 'hard' conflict with other mods so far. But I am not sure. If you find some serious crush bugs with other mods, let me know if you can or post here.




English supported

Chinese supported


You are welcome to translate it into your own localization and to make some improvement on existing verbal desc part!





@mysterious_on for Chinese support

@Rizen for Spanish support

@Kiroen for Russian support

What's New in Version 1.0.1


  • Eliminate the age limitation of sexual harassment towards female above 16
  • Complete the desc of female dominate events in dungeon
  • Complete the letter event desc when sexual harassment scheme fails
  • Spanish supported
  • Russian supported

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