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DRX 3BA Inverted Nipples Bodyslide Preset, body+morphs+3BBBCollisionOutfitMorphs - - ABBA Compatible 1.0.0

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About This File

Wont even try to make this post fancy . . . too damn old for that.   Veteran Modder and indie game dev but first time LL posting (i haunted Nexus back long ago before my health took an complicated turn). 

UPDATE: Added bodyslide preview images to post and will point out that higher breast weights (full of milk etc) will make nipples protrude more and earlier without arousal.  SLIF can be used to even things out (i tend to use the average calculation method). 

Decided on a whim to pop out of retirement from modding to whip up something i noticed the community hasn't made yet.   Inverted nipples bodyslide preset for 3BBB/3BA bodies.
Inverted nipples are absolutely gorgeous and stunning in almost every way and I have wanted to put them into skyrim for quite some time.   thanks to the latest CBBE, CBBE SMP, CBBE 3BBB/3BA, and ABBA it is now 100% possible to include these wonderful nipples along with some spicy "flowering" of them when aroused!  (the next to the last image show (via noclip) that the nipples are indeed inverted and it is not a trick of the texture)

Enjoy and remember that just because you are a bit atypical doesn't mean there are not those out there that appreciate your natural and unique beauty.

The nipples are pretty close to natural (Racemenu CBBE morph tweaks might be needed per individual taste) when not aroused which means they are sunken in, twisted upward (downward makes for weird transitions during active morphs) and towards the back, and the surrounding tissue is compressed inward like an aperture.
As arousal increases the nipples (if set to similar or same ABBA settings as mine or to suit your own inverted settings) will twist outward and down some, the nipple will swell, the nipple perkiness will increase, which will finally result in a *mostly* revealed nipple protruding a bit with a nod towards the sky and thanks to NippleManga in ABBA the nipple will retain an atypical and beautiful contour common to *some* inverted nipple owners. 

3BA compatible skin (i use The Pure)
Sexlab+Sexlab Aroused/Redux
and all of the above's requirements obviously

make sure my mod overwrites any body mods.  as is it will replace all (or most) vanilla NPCs bodies, if you want player only you will need to use exclusive mod or (as i do) a custom race mod (i use succubus mod myself, if anyone wants my racemenu preset i will happily post it as well you just need to request it) and replace the custom race body with mine (or repack my mod to overwrite your custom race body folders using MO2's virtual folder system).   should work with any physics settings so long as its 3ba/3bbb.

Install with MO2 or i suppose Vortex would work.

The AIO includes:
bodyslide preset
prebuilt body with tri morph file (overwrite folder structure)
prebuilt 3BBB outfit Collision morph files (overwrite folder structure)
(with overwrite folder structure you may need to move them to replace your own body files)

i included a *ALL NPC* replacer setup as well which should add the preset file for bodyslide and convert all NPCs and Player to my body 
DRX Inverted Nipples V1 Body-morphs-3BBBCollisionOutfitMorphs Preset included

Last is just the preset alone.

yes i know the internal folder is oddly named (collision files are called SMP because i havent slept for freaking forever, same for the other mismatch names between archive and internal root folder).

HIGHLY recommend using with a milk production mod (milk maid, hentai pregnancy, egg factory, etc).
works amazing with Wet Effects and decent with *some* Devious piercings, YPS seems to work great though slavetat/racemenu piercing might be a bit warped depending on settings.

This is Version 1 of this and provided that we get more excellent updates on the required mods i will do my best to update this with the next version.

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