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[CK3] DWToska



Way back I authored the "[CK2] Dark World Reborn: Toska" mod and now with CK3 out I'm trying to get some of the functionality from that old mod ported over to CK3. As there isn't a "Dark World Reborn" or similar for CK3 (yet?) I made this new mod stand alone.


At this time it doesn't do much and I make no promises whatsoever that it'll ever do more.


What it does:


It adds two interactions on character right clicks:


  • Rape Courtier
  • Rape Prisoner


Some screenshots of these are provided above. This works for both male and female rulers with custom tailored texts for both. Posing and animations of characters are stock CK3 - so there is nothing new or fancy there yet. Depending on gender rapist/victim can get pregnant.


Known issues:


Characters that are supposed to be nude in the animations sometimes don't shed all their clothes.

What's New in Version 1.0.1


  • CK3 supported_version=1.0.3
  • Missing path set in DWToska.mod
  • Pregnancy chance is now determined by using CK3's stock 'had_sex_with_effect' function.

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