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New Version 7 News Skins Nud Mods Shadow of TombRaider 1.0.3

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About This File

have a real experience of playing most of the game with naked Lara Croft exposed (or at least half of that)

based on the mods from JostarMod and lamsherham, I went deeper and decided to take her clothes off, making it as sexy as possible

as a bonus, I removed the undersides of the serpent skin, now your lara campaign to free queen Unuratu in the hidden city will become more ??





ps:Q - is it possible to leave lara totally naked, without a piece of armor or clothing? ?

A: unfortunately, no game skin has a full 3D model body available, even if I remove everything and transparency, there would be large empty spaces in the lara body missing

Q: tactical adventure classic skin is not working properly, what to do?
just set the game texture in HIGH
Q: and the other skins?
set the texture in the ultra, only work appropriately IN ULTRA textures

Q: How do install this nud-shit?

place files in directory game (yep, same folder .exe game), launch OPTIONS, ->SET OFF DIRECTX 12, this mod work only DX11

Uninstall: delete mod files


Optional File: Pubic LessGrowing and BlueCape (replace this files in main mod, to have a effect)


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